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Fact Sheets

This page contains links to fact sheets related to Andrews Air Force Base, including base and unit information. For additional Air Force fact sheets and other related information, including biographies, special interest topics and other reading material, please visit the Information page on Air Force Link, the official Web site of the U.S. Air Force.
Air Force District of Washington
Air Force District of Washington Air Force District of Washington is composed of three wings and one group. The 11th Wing at Bolling Air Force Base, and the 79th Medical Wing and 11th Wing at Andrews Air Force Base. Also under AFDW is the 844th Communications Group. The 79th Medical Wing and 844th Communications Group both have specialized missions where they will be the single Air Force voice in the National Capital Region for their respective fields of expertise. Both the 11th and 11th Wings will fulfill duties as the host base organization of Bolling and Andrews, respectively, while also supporting AFDW requirements. For more information, visit AFDW's website and fact sheet.
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