Joint Base Andrews


Casualty Assistance Office

October 03, 2014

Casualty Assistance Office

Casualty assistance is provided to widows or widowers following the death of an active duty (AD) member or a retired Air Force member.  The casualty assistance representative (CAR) will assist the NOK file for government benefits.  To report an AD death, contact the 11th Wing Command Post at 301-981-5058.  To report the death of a retired Air Force member and to make an appointment contact:
· Maryland residents call 301-981-9362
· Virginia or Washington, DC residents call 202-767-5651 or 703-697-1080

Important documents to have in a safe place are:
1) DD Form 214 for Retirement
2)  Marriage Certificate
3)  Birth certificate for all dependents
4)  Divorce Decree
5)  Last Will and Testament
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