Joint Base Andrews


NSPS transition eases with classes

By Margo Turner | Capital Flyer staff writer | October 24, 2006

ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. -- All Department of Defense non bargaining unit personnel and their supervisors are required to prepare for transitioning to a performance-based system through courses scheduled in November by the 316th Mission Support Squadron Civilian Personnel Flight. 

The DoD will replace the 15-grade general service pay system in January with the National Security Personnel System, under which pay increases are based on each DoD employee's annual performance evaluation. 

An employee's position will convert into the NSPS without a loss of pay, said Elizabeth L. Howard, 316 MSS Civilian Personnel Flight officer. 

"The employee's total pay remains the same," said Mrs. Howard. "For most employees, it may increase if the employee is eligible for a one-time, prorated Within-Grade-Increase buy-in. The prorated WGI buy-in is based on the length of time accumulated toward the employee's next WGI." 

The WGI buy-in is added to an employee's base salary when the employee's position converts into the NSPS, she said. 

DoD employees, managers and supervisors are provided with training to prepare for, understand and effectively use the new human resources systems and processes, she said. The training also helps assess the readiness of organizations to transition to the NSPS. 

"The primary objective of the NSPS is to stimulate an environment where all employees can excel, can be challenged with meaningful work and can be recognized for their contributions," said Mrs. Howard. 

To meet this objective, DoD leaders have committed to provide training and an open environment, which supports employees through the transition to the NSPS, she said.
Upon completion of the NSPS training, employees will: 

- Understand the performance management system

- Understand the rating process and factors used in evaluating performance

- Identify how to succeed by meeting project and organizational needs in support of mission, goals and results 

- Track and record individual performance against activity goals during the reporting period 

- Develop performance-based objectives 

- Develop communication skills to effectively participate in performance-based discussions 

- Understand the rating procedure and design, and how that relates to pay pool participation There are two ways DoD employees, managers and supervisors can enroll in the NSPS courses, said Mrs. Howard. They can register by sending an e-mail to or log on to the Headquarters Air Staff Web site at, which provides general NSPS course descriptions. 

The following NSPS courses scheduled at Andrews are: 

- Human Resource Elements for Managers, Supervisors and Employees: 8 a.m. to noon Nov. 6 in the Base Theater 

- Performance Management for Employees: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 7 in Room 100J at Andrews Education and Training Services, bldg. 1413 

- Performance Management for Managers and Supervisors: 8 a.m. to noon Nov. 1 to 2 in Room 100J at AETS A course on pay pool management for pay pool managers, sub-pay pool managers and systems administrators will also be held, but a date is not yet available. 

For more information about the NSPS courses, call 301-981-9580.