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There are currently 35 Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) sites located in the vicinity of Andrews AFB. Cleanup efforts include many individual sites both on and off base. Each site has been issued a name and corresponding ID number to facilitate tracking progress.

Sites are categorized as either on base or off base. Begin your search for a particular site by selecting from the links below. 

Final ST-14 LTM Report June 2010

Final SWMU 56 Phase I Oct 2013

Final SWMU 56 RI Report May 2018

CS-C503 Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).pdf

CS-C503 Remedial Investigation (RI).pdf

CS-C503 Letter from the Environmental Protection Agency Regarding the Feasibility Study (FS).pdf
Radioactive Waste Burial Site (AOC-23)
Fuel Hydrant System (AOC-26)
Disposal Pits - South Runway (AOC-27)
Davidsonville Dumping Area (AOC-28)
Piscataway Creek (AOC-33)
Compliance Restoration Sites
Fire Training Area No. 1 (FT-02)
Fire Training Area No. 2 (FT-03)
Fire Training Area No. 4 (FT-04)
Leroy's Lane Landfill (LF-05)
Landfill 6 (LF-06)
Landfill 7 (LF-07)/Base Lake North Area (BLNA)
Military Munitions Response Program Sites
Sludge Disposal Area (SD-23)
Former Brandywine DRMO Yard (SS-01)
Davidsonville Fuel Oil Spill (SS-11)
JP-4 Spill Site (SS-12)
Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants Yard (SS-13)
Spill at Building 1950 Engine Test Cell (SS-21)
Hangar 13 (SS-22)
Spill Site - 26/Former Hangar 15/Former AOC-30
Former Dry Cleaner - Building 1623 (SS-27; Formerly AOC-31)
Former Fire Truck Maintenance Facility (SS-28; Formerly AOC-32)
MOGAS Underground Storage Tank Leak Site (ST-08)
Abandoned Underground Waste Tanks (ST-09)
PD-680 Spill Site (ST-10)
East Side Service Station (ST-14)
Brandywine Housing Underground Storage Tank Sites (ST-15)
AAFES Service Station (ST-17)
Fuel Oil Leak at 2131 Richmond Dr. (ST-18)
Military Family Housing Underground Storage Tanks (ST-19)
Underground Storage Tanks (ST-20)
Car Care Center - Building 1568 (TU-24)
Auto Hobby Shop (TU-25)
Brandywine Receiver Site (WP-16)

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For questions regarding environmental issues at Joint Base Andrews, contact the 11th Wing Public Affairs office.

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