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Frequently Requested QOLCOMM Submissions

March 22, 2016 PRINT | E-MAIL

Bring the bowling center back:
In 2011 an earthquake and hurricane damaged the previous Andrews Bowling Center to the point where repairs would cost more than the facility generated to support the reconstruction project. 

On August 23, 2011, the Andrews Bowling Center sustained damages from an unexpected earthquake originating in Virginia.   The following weekend Hurricane Irene sped through the area with strong winds raising the already damaged roof and increased water damage.

A Non-Appropriate Funds financial analysis was performed in order to quantify the financial impact of building or fixing a facility with NAF money.  The projected estimated cost for the Bowling Center is $900K. The projected income from now until Fiscal Year 2020 is less than six percent of the overall cost of the project.  The Bowling Center at Andrews Joint Base will not be able to generate enough inflow cash to support this project.

In February 2012 a work request was submitted to demo the facility.

Create Wing Violence Prevention Specialist Positions:
Joint Base Andrews and the Pentagon will both earn a position for the Specialist for the Primary Prevention of Violence Capability. The positions are projected to be effective in April 2016.

Increase Westside Express operation hours:
The decision was made May 2014 for the Westside Express to no longer be open 24/7 after a seven-month study found that the store was only generating 17 percent of the funds necessary to keep it open between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

There are large potholes that need repair at (name/location):
We are tracking a lot of potholes around the base and are doing our best to temporarily fix them until the weather gets better for permanent repairs.
During the winter months, the base will continue to purchase and place cold patch in areas like Virginia Avenue.  While the cold patch provides a stop-gap solution, the mix does not chemically bond with the existing pavement and only provides temporary relief until permanent repairs can be made. Fortunately for us, we recently awarded a base roads Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract in order to increase our capacity in dealing with degraded asphalt across the installation. As of today, we have awarded approximately $400K in task orders against the IDIQ to provide a more permanent solution across JBA.  The work will normally start sometime in March when prevailing temperatures exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can we have the crosswalk and traffic road lines repainted?  They are difficult to see following the winter and cause a significant safety concern:
Similar to the base roads IDIQ, JBA successfully awarded a new "protective coatings" IDIQ as a collaborative effort between the 11th Contracting Squadron and the 11th Civil Engineer Squadron. The scope of the IDIQ included striping for base roads and airfields, interior paint and airfield rubber removal.  We were successful in awarding approximately $300K in new striping for base roads at the end of FY15. The striping includes centerlines, crosswalks, stop bars and intersection directional arrows across the installation. Similar to the asphalt paving IDIQ, we're unable to stripe roads until we have warmer temperatures exceeding 50 degrees on a regular basis.

Convert base pool to a covered pool to be used during winter. Winter and Summer passes: 

This is part of a new Military Construction request currently being worked for the installation. The suggestion for a covered pool is a frequent

suggestion via QOLCOMM and has become an interest item for installation leadership. 


A covered or indoor play area for the kids year round. Maybe convert one of the many outdoor parks into something. This saves many families from having to trek into DC: 

This request is pending. The proper Action Agency is being sought.