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QOLCOMM is a communication initiative to increase engagement throughout Joint Base Andrews by encouraging the community to provide quality of life feedback and ideas. The suggestions are collected monthly by the First Sergeants Council then approved and prioritized by senior leadership. After final approval, suggestions will be added to the "Pending QoL Submissions" for tracking and feedback.

Working QoL Submissions
Item Description Estimated Completion
1 Dorm Improvement/Mold Abatement Project  Ongoing
2  Add bench to dog park TBD
3 Install 3-5 sit-up toe bars under the pavilion at East side track TBD
4 Construct Frisbee golf course on base TBD
Pending QoL Submissions


Leadership directed that POVs aren't allowed to charge at our facility anymore.  The "Fixing American's Surface Transport (FAST) Act" allows for it. Verify true standard.

There is a deep hole in the ground next to the sidewalk, opposite the street drain at the southwest corner of White Ct and Virginia Ave.  It is hazardous to anyone walking, biking or running on the sidewalk there, because one misstep could cause a serious injury.  It has been like this for at least six months or more.
The youth baseball fields are in need of improvement to both the infield and outfield. The dugouts are falling apart and pose a major safety risk to the children as the roofing (or lack thereof) is falling in and the fence is mess up in multiple spots. A water fountain would also be nice out there.
Multiple areas on base are in need of better lighting. This poses safety concerns to families when people are out walking early in the morning or late in the evening. They have been replacing old lights but not installing new lighting in areas that are not well lit.
Add Maternity Parking at AAFES
Add bike racks to BX and Commissary
 Improve four-way-stop visibility at the intersection of West Perimeter and San Antonio Blvd
Can the lights at the Virginia track and the area where the two Crossfit/TRX boxes on the west side have the lights fixed so they can be turned on and off during low light conditions? 
Completed QoL Submissions
Item Description Completed
1 Repair Paved Running Track By Virginia Track March 2018
2 Add Shade over Playgrounds  April 2019
3  Refurbish grills at Base Lake  March 2019
4  Additional waste bins added in female restrooms Sept 2018
5 Main Exchange weapons/ammo policy discussion on purchases Nov 2018
Offer Cross-Fit Type Courses at Fitness Center Oct 2018 
7 Request to put a Baby Changing station in our Fitness Centers.  Currently. there are none place for parents working to improved their physical health. Sept 2018
8 Add maternity parking at Commissary  2017
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