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Joint Base Andrews Visitor Control Center


The Visitor Control Center controls entry to Joint Base Andrews by identity proofing, vetting to determine the level of character and conduct determined necessary for the basis of access control decisions for individuals requesting and/or requiring access to installations, and issuance of access credentials.

Effective immediately, VCC hours will transition to 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, remaining closed on weekends. Until further notice all personnel who are not in possession of authorized base access credentials and under escort must proceed to the VCC. At this time, the VCC is not accepting Special Function List requests due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Visitor Control Center will not receive delivery of packages or mail from Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier. Any and all packages or mail sent to the Visitor Control Center will be rejected, and returned to the carrier. Please use your on-base address for all personal deliveries. Thank you.

Please feel free to call the VCC at (301) 981-0689/0232 regarding questions or concerns.

First visit for Veterans and Caregivers (VHIC)

Upon the first visit to the installation, all Veterans and Caregivers must stop at the visitor control center during hours of operation (Monday-Friday 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.). Veterans and Caregivers may enroll for recurring access, which would allow them to proceed to the gate for entry upon subsequent visits without having to stop again at the visitor control center.

As with all other individuals seeking access to DoD installations, all eligible Veterans and Caregivers must pass a basic on-the-spot background check prior to enrolling, and an automated check each time they enter the installation. Veterans and Caregivers with felony convictions, felony arrest warrants, or other types of derogatory information related to criminal history or terrorism will not be permitted entry. 

Note:  Depending on the type DoD installation base disqualifiers may differ.

For further information please visit this website. https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/68479/veterans-need-vhic-for-in-person-commissary-military-exchange-and-mwr-access/


For any comments, questions, or concerns about entry contact us at 301-981-0689.

The Visitor Center is unable to act as an operator service or base locator. We do not have the capability to redirect incoming calls to other offices. Please contact the base operator at 301-981-1110 for these services.

JBA Base Access Procedures Update

New Unofficial Visitor Center Request Form

Special Function List Procedures

***Unofficial foreign national visitors are not authorized to be on JBA unescorted at any time.  All foreign nationals that are on unofficial visits e.g., family members will have to stop by the VCC with identification credentials/passport and be vetted.  Once properly vetted, VCC staff will issue a DBIDS paper pass not to exceed 30 days that will state "authorized with CAC holder escort".  If you are requesting information regarding official visits, please contact the VCC.***


We assist with numerous military/civilian needs such as:

  • Special Function Lists

  • *Short-term guest access (Sponsorship for official visits requires a CC-directed trusted agent)

  • *DBIDS or long-term access (Sponsorship for official visits requires a CC-directed trusted agent)

  • Access to protection level areas (will require Security Manager approval)

  • Virtual out-processing

  • Hardship Passes (Requires First Sergeant/CC signature)

  • BX/Commissary Access (Requires signed letter from the 11th Force Support Squadron)

    *Short/Long term briefings will only be conducted by appointment only on Tuesday and Pathfinder Security Mangers/Commanders on Thursday from 0700-1400. Contact the VCC at 301-981-0689 to schedule 577 briefing.*


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm riding on the installation with someone else, am I able to leave my vehicle parked in the Visitor Center's parking lot?

No, any vehicle left for more than 15 minutes unattended in the Visitor Center's parking lot will be subjected to vehicle being ticketed and/or towed.

I live in Base Housing, how do I get the Cable/Satellite technician on base?

The technician will be physically escorted from the Pearl Harbor to the residence in where they are conducting the work.  The escort is also responsible for escorting the technician off the installation.  The technician is authorized to exit out of any installation gate. However, an Unofficial Request form with the technician’s information may be filled out at the Visitor Center or Pearl Harbor to expedite the service. 

I lost/forgot my CAC, how can I get another one?

Civilian/Military member will report to the VCC with their valid driver's license compliant with the REAL ID ACT, current proof of registration and insurance with expiration to acquire a pass.  If member does not have proof of insurance, we will accept it from their phone or they may have their insurance company to fax it to us at 301-981-8292. All members must have a valid physical registration, we will not accept digital or copies. If you do not have another form of ID or the VCC/Main gate verification systems or inaccessible, you will have to contact an authorized ID holder that can come and escort you on base.

Are contractor or oversize vehicles authorized through any gate on JBA?

No, all contractor and oversized vehicles have to enter through Pearl Harbor gate's search pit.  Any vehicle with company logo decals or labels is considered a contractor vehicle, even if it is a self-owned business. 

Are there any factors that could prevent someone from gaining access to work/visit JBA?

Yes, listed below are multiple factors that would prevent you or your guest from entering the installation (this list is not all inclusive):

  1. The individual is known to be or reasonably suspected of being a terrorist or belongs to an organization with known terrorism links/support.
  2. The installation is unable to verify the individuals claimed identity.
  3. The individual has previously been barred from access to a federal installation or stand-alone facility.
  4. The individual is wanted by Federal, State, Local, or other civil law enforcement authorities, regardless of offense or violation. 
  5. The individual has any conviction for espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism, or murder.
  6. The individual’s name appears on any Federal or State agency’s watch list or hit list for criminal behavior or terrorist activity.
  7. The individual has been convicted of a firearms or explosive violation.
  8. The individual has been convicted of sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, child pornography, trafficking in humans, drug possession with intent to sell, or drug distribution.
  9. The individual has knowingly and willfully engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government by force.
  10. Any person convicted of a Violent Felony Crime at any time. Personnel with non-violent Felony convictions will be looked at on a case-by-case.
  11. Any person convicted of any Narcotics or Drug Charge in the past 3 years or twice in the past 5 years.
  12. Any person convicted of a weapons related charge in the past 12 months, or twice in the past five years.
  13. Any person convicted of an assault charge in the past 12 months or twice in the past 5 years.
  14. Any person convicted of a Hate Crime or Violent Act in the past 12 months or twice in the past 5 years.
  15. Any person registered as a convicted Sexual Offender at any time.
  16. Any person who is the subject of a current protection order and is considered Armed and Dangerous as flagged in NCIC.
  17. Any person who is the subject of a current protection order involving a resident or employee of Joint Base Andrews.

**For special circumstances, an exception to policy can be requested through the Visitor Center's NCOIC. **

If I have any questions or concerns that aren't addressed on this website, who can I contact for more information?

For any questions or concerns the Visitor Center Clerks can be reached during operational hours Monday - Friday 6 A.M. - 10 P.M. at 301-981-0689. 

For all base access procedures questions, see the FAQs document within the "JBA Base Access Procedures Update" tab.


Gaining Access

11th Security Forces Squadron



JBA is a closed installation and proper identification is required to gain access.  Proper identification includes but is not limited to:

- DOD Common Access Cards
- Military Retiree ID cards
- Military Dependent ID cards
- State/Federal Law Enforcement (ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS)
- Sponsored Guest (i.e. DBIDS card holders)
- Contact Visitor Center Staff for other exceptions

Special Function Lists are used for events being held on JBA with multiple personnel that do not possess proper credentials to enter the Installation (Wedding, Birthday Party, Retirement, etc.).  To submit a special function list request, sponsors will provide 10 typed copies of their list to the Visitor Center (VCC). The lists must be in alphabetical order by LAST name. The guests date of birth and a valid Driver’s License compliant with the REAL ID ACT/ Valid State ID with number and state are required. Guest must produce a valid U.S passport if their Driver’s License is not compliant. Lists must be submitted three days prior to the event for up to 50 guests, five days prior for more than 50 and up to 200 guests, and seven days prior for more than 200 guests. To submit a Function List, you must be an authorized DoD cardholder. Upon receipt, the Visitor Center will provide a cover sheet that includes:


1. Date, time and location of the event

2. Sponsors duty & contact information

3. Alternate POC contact information


All guests age 18 years and older, must present a Valid Driver’s License Compliant w/ REAL ID ACT, Valid State ID or US passport at the gate upon entry. Anyone without the required identification will be denied entry. In the event neither the sponsor nor alternate can be reached, the guest in question will be denied entry to the installation.



New Golf Course Escort Procedures

Joint Base Andrews is implementing new entry procedures for non-affiliated personnel visiting the Courses at Andrews. 


For guest not authorized entry onto JBA who would like to visit the golf course must come to the Visitor Control Center. Guest will be vetted through the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) for a background check. Upon completion, the golf course will be contacted with guest name and subsequently approved for same day access. Below are few options for entry:

*Walk in for all non-affiliated same day golfers: A DBIDS paper pass will be issued to guest expiring at 10:00 PM upon completion of background check.


**Guest seeking entry for less than five days in a 30 day period will require the golf course to submit a short term request to the VCC. Upon completion of request, guest name will be added to Base Access Roster.


***Guest seeking entry for more than five days in a 30 day period, up to one year will involve the golf course to submit a long term request form to the guest. Upon completion of request, a DBIDS badge will be issued to guest for entry.


Note: For same day golfers and golfers seeking membership, a valid driver’s license compliant with the REAL ID ACT/ valid State ID/ or passport along with current registration and current insurance is required.

Gate Hours

Main Gate is open 24/7

Virginia Gate 5 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Pearl Harbor Gate/Commercial 5 a.m. - 9 p.m.

North Gate closed


To receive a DBIDS card you will need the following:

  • Sponsorship Paperwork (Long-term request letter signed and given by a 577 Sponsor)

  • Valid Driver's License compliant w/ REAL ID ACT , Passport, or Valid State ID

  • Current Vehicle Registration w/ Expiration Date

  • Current Vehicle Insurance w/ Expiration Date

  • Current lease agreement (Housing residents only)

    * JBA does not accept other installation issued DBIDS cards for base access. 

    ** Non US Citizens will have to show Proof of Resident Alien Card/ Employment Authorization Card and Social Security Card in addition to the documents listed above.**



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