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 Public outreach activities and support to community events both CONUS and OCONUS (as covered in AFI 35-105) are suspended. This suspension includes, but is not limited to, on-base and civilian-sponsored airshows, band performances and community engagements and meetings which involve large gatherings (speaking engagements, community meetings on installations, base tours, Pentagon visits, etc.). 



Studio pictures are for WALK-INS for official Visa/Passports and ISO Prep and Special Duty Assignment packages only.

Walk-ins: Wednesday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Please bring your own colored collared shirts. NO WHITE COLLARED SHIRTS! If you are getting both Visa and Passport photos, you will need two different colored shirts.

For emergency Public Affairs assistance, please contact the Command Post at (301) 981-5058 for the on-call PA representative.


316th Wing Public Affairs

Hometown News Release

The Joint Hometown News Service showcases the accomplishments of members of the Armed Forces through the Hometown News Release program for distribution to commercial media outlets in the hometowns of servicemembers and their families. Click HERE for the form.

Public Affairs Mission

Our mission as Public Affairs is driven by our core competencies, which are directly linked with the Air Force Core Competencies. These five key elements are the foundation of our actions and services to the Joint Base Andrews community.
  • Provide trusted counsel to leaders
  • Build, maintain, and strengthen Airmen morale and readiness
  • Enhance public trust and support
  • Achieve global influence and deterrence;
  • Provide photo, video, and multimedia support to the Air Force mission.

Command Information: Products and Services

Air Force leaders rely on Public Affairs professionals to assist them with delivering their communication efforts to Airmen and their families, to include retirees, civilians and contract employees. Command Information provides effective and efficient communication tools and products to link Airmen with their leaders. CI helps Airmen and their families understand their purpose, role, and value to the Air Force community located at Joint Base Andrews.

The Command Information section of the public affairs office at Joint Base Andrews manages several products to accomplish this mission:

  • Joint Base Andrews public website
  • Joint Base Andrews Facebook
  • Joint Base Andrews Twitter

Our products highlight our Airmen and our mission. If you have or know someone who has a story to share, contact our journalism team at 240-988-9234 or via e-mail at 316WG.PA.COMMANDINFORMATION@us.af.mil. We want to hear about it!

News Media Requests

The Media Operations section works to coordinate all media interviews, media queries and media access to Joint Base Andrews. Media members visiting Joint Base Andrews must be escorted by a Public Affairs representative at all times.

Military members and civilian workers contacted by news media should provide them with the email address and phone number of the Public Affairs Office Media Operations section. Contact the Media Operations section.


Camera Purchases

Camera Purchases: * Per AFI 35-109, 5.3.3 -- Any film or digital photographic cameras, video cameras, and photographic printer purchases must be approved by your base's Public Affairs office.

To request approval, send an e-mail to 316WG.PA.COMMANDINFORMATION@us.af.mil

containing the following information: 

  1. Product type, make and model
  2. Price
  3. Purpose


The 316th Wing Public Affairs Office manages the base's electronic marquee located near the Visitor Control Center to announce time-sensitive and recurring information to base members.

Members must submit a marquee request form at least one week before the post date, but no more than four weeks before, to: 316WG.PA.COMMANDINFORMATION@us.af.mil

Messages are limited to welcome messages for distinguished visitors, announcing base-wide events, and retirement messages for general officers and above, force protection condition and weather alerts.
The marquee will not be used to promote fundraising or to display items or services for sale.

The marquee will not display commercial advertisements, political messages or any non-mission essential messages.

Marquee messages that take up more than one frame will not be authorized.

The marquee policy letter can be found here.

Multimedia Support Requests

Photo and Video Support: Please see our customer notice regarding all our products and services guidelines. Complete the highlighted sections of the AF Form 833, available HERE. Please digitally sign, date, and then e-mail soft copies HERE. Hard-copy signed forms can also be dropped off at our office. William A. Jones III Building 1500 West Perimeter Road, Suite 2330 Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762.

For specific questions about what services meet criteria for support, please contact 240-988-9234.

Studio appointments: The studio is available for WALK-INS for official Visa/Passports and ISOPrep and Special Duty Assignment packages only. No appointments.

Please bring your own colored collared shirts. NO WHITE COLLARED SHIRTS! If you are getting both Visa and Passport you will need two different colored shirts.


  • Walk-ins: Wednesday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

** Official photos are only provided for group-level and above quarterly awards winners, Chain of Command key personnel and special duty packages. For official photos and special duty packages please bring in a copy of your specific requirements. We do not take photos for retirement programs, award nominees, or unofficial biographies. For special duty packages, please bring a copy of the photo requirements. We are required to provide our customers with high quality, properly exposed and composed digital images. The photographer may assist you with minor adjustments for best subject representation. The photographer is NOT responsible for proper wear of the uniform. Military photographers are NOT authorized (AFI 35-109 and DODI 5040.02) to digitally alter image in any way. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 240-612-4430, DSN 612-4430.**

Stay Connected

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What We Do

The PA office is responsible for providing accurate, relevant and timely information on Joint Base Andrews issues, programs and base events to the people in this community and members of the news media.

Our office tells the Joint Base Andrews story to the American public. Through targeted communication, we reach out to our internal audience on base, the local public and military and civic leaders. We have a toolbox full of traditional news reporting; feature stories and commentaries; video reports, print, and social media. The PA team utilizes each of these tools to strategically shape and strengthen the Air Force's, as well as Joint Base Andrews, public image.

Speaker's Bureau

The 316th Wing Public Affairs Office Community Engagement section is looking for Airmen who enjoy getting out in the community to share their Air Force stories. 

The 316th Wing Speakers Bureau is now accepting requests for speakers from external public organizations. The purpose of the speakers bureau is to match senior 316th Wing leaders and Airmen from all ranks - civilian, officer and enlisted - with interested audiences in an effort to foster understanding of the Air Force mission. The bureau is focused on community outreach activities in and around the National Capital Region, and can be a valuable resource for clubs and organizations to learn more about the Air Force and the people who perform our mission. 


If you would like to share your story and volunteer to be a speaker, please fill out the participation form and contact the 316th Wing Public Affairs office at 240-612-4428, or send an email to 316WG.PA.COMMUNITYENGAGEMENT@us.af.mil.


If you would like to request Airmen to speak at your event, please fill out the speakers request form and email it to 316WG.PA.COMMUNITYENGAGEMENT@us.af.mil.


Joint Base Andrews and our tenant units appreciate the enormous sacrifices made by our neighbors as we train for the defense of our country. Among those sacrifices is the occasional disruption of daily life by noise and flight operations.

The Air Force's primary job is national security. Joint Base Andrews is America's Airfield and our primary mission is to support and defend the National Capital Region. The units based at Joint Base Andrews train to immediately respond to our nation's call. Sometimes this training results in low-flying aircraft and noise.

Joint Base Andrews strives to be a good neighbor by maintaining good community and media relations with our surrounding communities. We diligently seek to provide timely, responsive, and factual answers to all public inquiries as they pertain to Joint Base Andrews.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while our Airmen strive to train and support our Department of Defense mission - know that your safety and our safety are paramount to our missions.

Access the 316th Wing Noise Complaints and Citizen Concerns form here.

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