Joint Base Andrews


11th Medical Group volunteer opportunities available

By Kathleen Tyler | 11th Medical Support Squadron | August 14, 2017


The Base Retiree Activities Volunteer Office is an organization of retired military and their family members who provide volunteer support for Air Force base functions. At the 11th Medical Group, more than 50 BRAVO volunteers assist in numerous clinics, the information desk, and pharmacy. The clinic is always looking for new BRAVO volunteers and currently needs someone to fill the position of the Lead BRAVO officer.


While requirements vary depending on the clinic, the main information desk volunteers answer phone calls, direct patients to various clinics and respond to questions. In the pharmacy they help with administrative tasks that support the pharmacy operation, including filling prescription bags. In the pediatric clinic, volunteers read to children in the waiting area and in TRICARE, they direct patients to various offices.


Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and have access to Joint Base Andrews, with a military or federal ID card. They are requested to work a minimum of 4 hours per week but may request to work longer and can set their own schedule.


“We have a great team of BRAVO volunteers that I communicate with regularly by phone and email,” said Ron Liljedahl, lead BRAVO volunteer . “I work about eight hours a week and ensure all members are current on required training, to include CPR, privacy, and immunizations. I also orient new volunteers and troubleshoot issues that come up. I had to complete a security background check and then all my training was on-the-job.”


Liljedahl emphasized, “Anyone who loves working with seniors, is a problem solver, and has basic computer and administrative skills would enjoy the position, but we also need volunteers in many other areas.”


When asked what he liked most about being a BRAVO volunteer, Liljedahl stated, “Hospitals are an exciting environment to work in and volunteering provides an opportunity to stay engaged after retirement, keep busy, and make new friends. As the Lead, I enjoyed the challenge of coordinating schedules with individual volunteers and helping to resolve concerns. I also liked setting my own schedule.”


The most challenging part of the position for Liljedahl was staying abreast of ongoing changes with new construction, phone improvements and office moves within the facility.


If you are looking for a gratifying volunteer opportunity, Malcolm Grow needs you!  To join our BRAVO team or serve as the Lead BRAVO volunteer, please contact the BRAVO office at (240) 612-2798 and leave your name and phone number. You may also leave your name at the Clinic main information desk.