316th CPTS Finance Office

The 316 CPTS provides pay and travel pay related customer service to the military members and civilian employees at JB Andrews and assigned geographically separated units (GSUs).
*Pentagon customers are now serviced by the 11th CPTS at JB Anacostia-Bolling.

To reach us as fast as possible, submit an inquiry through the Comptroller Service Portal (CSP)! You can upload documents, have your case tracked via multiple team members, and coordinate with financial experts with ease!

  • Link works best in Chrome
  • Use af.mil email
  • Need CAC reader or CAC-enabled computer

For inquiries needing support outside of CSP, you can schedule an appointment at: https://appts.sparkxcell.com/316CPTS/    We're located in the Jones building at 1500 West Perimeter Rd. 

  • Mask mandatory
  • To reduce the risk of COVID-19 and help with contact tracing, members must attend by themselves
We can also be reached via e-mail:

Contact Information

DSN: 612-3160
Comm: (240) 612-3160
Jones Building
1500 W. Perimeter Rd., Suite 2780
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762


316th Comptroller Squadron Key Personnel





 Lt Col Jason Coleman  



SMSgt Fabio




MSgt Lynnette Banks

First Sergeant



JBA In-Processing


  • Finance in-processing at JBA is every Tuesday at 0900 (9 a.m.) at the JBA Theater. 
  • If you're unable to make this in-processing, please submit a voucher via E-Finance.

Civilians/Active Duty Accessions

  • File your voucher through e-Finance  
  •  Submit an inquiry through CSP or sign up for an appointment.

Appointments are available for General Officers and Senior Executive Service (SES). Please have executive officers schedule appointments.

FM eFinance Quick Guide

eFinance Step-by-Step User Guide

GSU Inprocessing and Low Cost Move

If you are assigned to JB Andrews but performing duties at a geographically separated unit (GSU), please fill out PCS forms (1, 2 and 3) and forward them to the customer service email for processing.

To file a voucher for a low-cost PCS move, please fill out PCS form (4) and forward it to the customer service email for processing.

1 - PCS Fillable Packet

2 - TLE Certification Statement

3 - Lost Receipt Form

4 - Low-Cost Move Voucher

Pentagon Finance Office

The Financial Services Flight provides pay and travel pay related customer service to the military members and civilian employees at the Pentagon and assigned GSUs.

Lobby Hours: Walk-in 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

*NOTE: Appointments are available for General Officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) employees. Please have executive officers schedule desk-side appointments.

Contact Information
DSN: 225-1299
Comm: 703-695-1299

Email Pentagon Customer Service

1400 Defense Pentagon, Room 5C1049
Washington, DC 20301


In-processing at the Pentagon is accomplished by submitting your voucher via e-Finance on the Air Force Portal. Mass briefs and individualized in-processing are no longer available due to lack of room availability.


All Air Force civilian employees and Active Duty Accessions will need to utilize walk-in hours or set up an appointment for assistance with filing PCS vouchers.


Once the voucher is submitted, it will be reviewed for accuracy and it will be rejected or approved. You will receive an email if rejected. Please log into e-Finance and review the comments from the technician, make the appropriate changes, and resubmit.


FM eFinance Quick Guide

eFinance Step-by-Step User Guide


Retirement and Separation Brief

Members are required to fill out a Retirement and Separation Packet before their final out. Please request this packet from Finance through CSP and return with orders at least 10 days prior DOS or terminal leave.

If members don't return their Retirement and Separation Packet to Finance, it could result in a delay with terminal leave requests and/or final payment.


JBA Retirement/Separation Package

Pentagon Retirement/Separation Package

JBA Retirement/Separation Travel Voucher

Pentagon Retirement/Separation Travel Voucher


Financial Analysis Flight

The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for formulating, executing, and analyzing Air Force funds received for assigned mission activities.

Contact Information
DSN: 612-6789
Comm: 240-612-6789
Email Financial Analysis Flight



DEAM Portal

Budget Regulations
- AFI 65-116 (AF Purchases using MIPRs)
- AFI 65-601, Vol 1 (Budget Guidance)
- AFI 65-601, Vol 2 (Budget Management for Operations)
- AFI 65-603 (ORF Funds)
- AFMAN 65-604 (Appropriation Symbols and Budget Codes)

Principles of Federal Appropriations Law/Fiscal Law

Accounting Regulations

Validate Accounting Data

Air Force Coding Package


JBA Economic Impact Analysis 2018

JBA Disbursing Office

The JBA Disbursing Office is responsible for the safeguarding of cash, checks, vouchers and other negotiable instruments in support of personnel in the National Capital Region.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Cashier Operations: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
     *Call for appointment if after-hours

Contact Information
Phone: 240-612-6754/6748
Emergency: 202-277-2060
Email Disbursing Office


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