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 Legal assistance will continue to be by telephonic appointment only. If you need any legal assistance, will, or notary services, please call our office for an appointment. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for time-sensitive legal assistance needs. Will appointments are available for all active duty members stationed at JB Andrews. Legal Assistance hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 1000 - 1200 by appointment. Wills, Living Will & Durable POA for Healthcare - Wednesdays by appointment. Notary and POAs Monday - Friday 0900 - 1500 by appointment. Please call the legal office at (240) 612-5750 to schedule a legal assistance or will appointment.



316th Wing Legal Office, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

- Mission: Deliver mission-driven, full spectrum and timely legal services, enabling the world-wide projection of airpower and diplomacy from America's Airfield

-Vision:  America's legal office; forward-leaning and world class 

-Guiding principles:

*Excellence in Effort

*United in Purpose

*World-Class Service

*Innovation Culture

*360 Mentoring

*Family Always


- The office will be closed on the last Friday of each month for training. Effective April 2021, the Article 137 Briefing is fully functional on the new AETC My Learning Platform. The briefing is approximately 48 minutes of instruction. Completion is now being properly tracked/reported and certificates are once again being produced. 

Once you have completed the My Learning Article 137 Briefing, send a copy of the completion certificate to the 316th Wing Legal Office Org Box: 316.JA.JAC@us.af.mil. You will then sign a completion memo required by our office. We will sign and return the memo to you to provide to the Retention/Reenlistment Office.


Legal Office

316th Wing Judge Advocate
1500 West Perimeter Road
Suite 2110
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762

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Virginia Pro Se

- Fairfax Circuit Court

Maryland Pro Se

- Department of Family Administration
- District Court Self-help Center

DC Pro Se

- National Center for State Courts
- Family Court Self-help Center
- Pro Bono Program: Pro-Se-Plus Divorce Clinic
- Pro Bono Program: Pro-Se-Plus Custody Clinic


The Legal Office processes claims both for and against the Air Force arising out of incidents occurring on JBA and throughout the National Capital Region. To file a claim with our office, call 240-612-5787.

For household goods issues, contact the Air Force Claims Service Center at 1-877-754-1212, or please visit

Military Justice

The Legal Office provides legal advice on a full range of disciplinary matters to the wing commander, as well as to subordinate units and partner commands under the worldwide mission.
We enable commanders to uphold good order and discipline through the efficient and equitable administration of military justice, ranging from administrative actions to general courts-martial. Unit supervisors, first shirts and commanders can call the legal office for military justice advice at 240-612-5750/5996.

The Area Defense Counsel provides individual Air Force members independent legal representation. Airmen facing adverse administrative actions or who are suspected of committing an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice can receive confidential legal advice and representation outside of the AFDW chain of command. Air Force members can schedule an appointment by calling 240-857-6624.


The Special Victims' Counsel (SVC) represent victims in a confidential attorney-client relationship throughout the investigation and prosecution process.  SVCs' chain of command runs through the Air Force Legal Operations Agency, which allows the SVCs to provide independent legal representation to and advocacy on behalf of sexual assault victim without any risk of influence from either the victim's or the offender's chain of command.  Qualifying victims of sexual assault may request an SVC at any point of the process either directly or through the SARC, FAP, AFOSI, or the legal office.  For a consultation, call 240-612-4672.

Victim/ Witness Assistance Program

The Victim and Witness Assistance Program, is a Commander-directed program that is supported by the Staff Judge Advocate Office. The VWAP Program provides guidance for the treatment of victims and witnesses of crime under the UCMJ. The Program ensures that victims and witnesses receive the information and assistance they deserve. Call 240-612-5757 to schedule an appointment with our VWAP coordinator.


All military personnel who received notification for deployment MUST immediately contact the Legal Office, 240-612-5750, to schedule an appointment. An attorney will assist you in completing the legal-related checklist items. We strongly urge you to be proactive in scheduling an appointment. Requirements, such as Laws of Armed Conflict briefings, power of attorney documents and wills are extremely important.


Private Organization Questions/Requests? Contact 316th FSS/FSR for assistance.  All private organizations (POs) must go through 316th FSS/FSR for approval of fundraiser requests. Submit request to org box: 316.FSS.FSR.NAF@us.af.mil



Legal Assistance

Please visit https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil to find information on various legal assistance topics.


The Legal Office provides free legal assistance on personal civil legal matters to eligible beneficiaries, including active duty or retired military members and their dependents. Examples of personal civil legal matters include: adoption, dependent care, financial responsibility, domestic relations, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, landlord-tenant, and casualty affairs. The highest priority is given to Air Force personnel who need mobilization- or deployment-related legal assistance.

Legal assistance attorneys can provide legal advice, conduct general review of documents, draft and send correspondence on the behalf of clients, and assist clients in preparing forms. Legal assistance attorneys cannot, however, represent clients in any court or administrative proceedings or draft or file legal documents with any court.

Active duty personnel + dependents: 
Legal Assistance is provided on a telephone consultation basis. Those days and times are every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Those wishing to meet with an attorney by appointment should call the front desk at 240-612-5750

Wills and Advance Medical Directives: Legal Assistance attorneys can prepare wills and advance medical directives, including living wills and medical powers of attorney. 

Please call the front desk at 240-612-5750 to schedule your appointment. Will appointments will be scheduled on Wednesday mornings between 0900 -1200. Prior to your appointment, please visit https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil and complete the online legal worksheet. After completing your worksheet, please provide the ticket number to the Legal Office. You will need the resulting ticket number to make your appointment.

Deploying? We work to ensure high priority is given to members preparing for a deployment and will attempt to accommodate you outside of these hours. Please make every effort to call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible after receiving deployment notification.

Retirees + dependents: Please call the front desk at 240-612-5750 to schedule your appointment. 

Prior to your appointment,  please visit https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil and complete the online legal worksheet. You will need the resulting ticket number to make your appointment.

Powers of Attorney and Notary Services
Free of charge, the legal office can prepare general and special powers of attorney and provide notary services. Please call to schedule an appointment. We do not notarize real estate closing documents. Please contact our office for special instructions. Prior to your appointment,  please visit https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil and complete the online legal worksheet. You will need the resulting ticket number to make your appointment.