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Default Air Force Logo Reducing holiday stress
While the holidays are often filled with joy, additional stress is also likely. Time is valuable and the added holiday shopping, parties, entertaining, and sometimes being separated from loved ones can be challenging.If the stress becomes overwhelming, you may begin to feel sad, become disinterested in previously enjoyable activities, feel tired or
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N/A 'Be There' for someone: Suicide Prevention
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. It’s an opportunity to increase public awareness about the warning signs of suicide and provide information about the resources available to aid someone in crisis. Furthermore, this month will show how individuals, organizations, and communities can work together to save lives.
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Suicide Prevention Graphic Preventing suicide - starting with myself
There is rarely a day that passes when I do not think of ending my own life.Some days, my depression is an overwhelming weight to bear and it takes nearly everything I have just to push the thoughts away and get on with my routine.Other days, and even on good ones, the thought creeps up out of nowhere – an insidious sense of doubt. Of worthlessness
0 9/06
Thank you JBA community
As my time here at Joint Base Andrews winds down, I’ve been thinking about the great things we've been able to accomplish together with our amazing community partners. As I leave this incredible place, I want to use this last opportunity to thank our friends outside the gate for your enduring support of our Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines over these last two years.
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Col. E. John Teichert Official Photo America's Airmen
Two years ago, at my incoming change of command, I used the term “America’s Airmen” to describe our amazing force in the 11th Wing and at Joint Base Andrews.  I used the term as an aspirational statement for an organization who serves and represents not just a unit, but a wing, a base, a service, and our great nation.  As I settled into my role as
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N/A Memorial Day: Being thankful for those who came before you
As we approach the end of May, we start to look forward to the warmer months and everything that summer brings with its arrival every year. For most, this means more time outdoors: camping, grilling out, fishing, boating and going to the beach.
0 5/22
N/A Remembering fallen law enforcement officers
This past Monday, members of the 11 Security Forces Group held a wreath laying ceremony to honor the 128 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty during 2017. While the sacrifices of these heroes often mirror those of military members, public perception rarely affords them equal recognition.  For example, service members in uniform are
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Firefighters stand at ease during the 2017 National Police Week Wreath Laying Ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, Md., May 15, 2017. National Police Week is meant to remember the fallen and honor those who serve as police officers or security forces members. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Valentina Lopez) National Police Week 2018 – Remembering the Fallen
Next week, Joint Base Andrews Security Forces will kick off five days of National Police Week activities. Not only will we honor and remember those in law enforcement who made the ultimate sacrifice, but we will showcase our capabilities as defenders, compete in friendly competition and revel in comradery with our fellow law enforcement officers.
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Col. E. John Teichert Official Photo Avoiding the Hard Way
On June 25th, 1950, the North Korean Army crossed the 38th Parallel headed south. In less than a week they had conquered Seoul, and a few days later they faced a contingent of American military forces assembled in an organization known as Task Force Smith. These proud American military members thought that their mere presence would intimidate the North Koreans. In “This Kind of War” T.R. Fehrenbach said, “It was generally agreed upon that the North Koreans, when they found out who they were fighting, would turn around and go back.” The Americans were wrong!
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Picture of resiliency Moving as a military child: Looking on the bright side
One of the aspects of life that a military child like me faces is the inevitable moving from place to place. Imagine moving across the state, the country or even the world. Relocation may seem quite overwhelming, but the exposure gained from a move can be incredible.
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