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316th Contracting SquadronWelcome to the 316th Wing Business and Contracting Page

Are you a business owner or contractor looking to conduct commerce on Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, home to more than 16,000 military personnel, their dependents, contractors and civilians? The Joint Base Andrews Business Page is a one-stop-shop of information for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business ventures inside the gates of the premier joint base in the National Capital Region. Below you will find information on the 316th Contracting Squadron, downloadable statistical information on Joint Base Andrews' economical impact as well as important links and phone numbers for those interested in conducting business at Andrews.

316th Contracting Squadron

The 316th Contracting Squadron develops and executes responsive strategies and compliant sourcing solutions to enable the global Air Force mission. They conduct and monitor business practices to ensure Congress, taxpayers, customers, industry have complete confidence in contracting processes. They are a group of more than 50 contracting professionals; military, civilians, contractors, who award and manage base supply, services and construction contracts. They provide presidential support to five wings and more than 16,000 personnel.

For more information on the 316th Contracting Squadron, call 240-612-5624.

Important Links

Central Contractor Registration Website: (www.ccr.gov)
Prospective vendors must be registered in CCR prior to the award of a contract; basic agreement, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement.

Federal Business Opportunities or FEDBIZOPPS
: www.fbo.gov
FedBizOpps is the single government point-of-entry (GPE) for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000.

Small Business Administration:

DoD Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization: www.acq.osd.mil/osbp

DoD Procurement Technical Assistance Centers: www.dla.mil/db/.

Air Force Office of Small business Programs: www.AirForceSmallBiz.org.
Use the Air Force Office of Small Business Programs Locator to find the right Small Business Specialist for your opportunity. Locate either by searching by State or by Base.

Contract opportunities search the Long Range Acquisition Estimate (LRAE) database to identify upcoming procurements from the U.S. Air Force. This Long Range Acquisition Estimate (LRAE) includes projections of anticipated Air Force procurements over $100,000. The forecast is for informational and marketing purposes only. Location of opportunities can be located by contract base or buying activity.