316th Wing

316th WingThe 316th Wing is the host wing for Joint Base Andrews providing security, personnel, contracting, finance and infrastructure support for 6 Wings, 2 Headquarters and more than 80 tenant organizations, as well as 40,000 Airmen and families in the National Capital Region and around the world. The 316th Wing supports contingency operations in our nation's capital with immediate response rotary-assets. It also provides security for the world's highest visibility flight line.

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316th Wing Staff Agencies

• Command Post
• Community Support
• Drug Demand Reduction Program
Equal Opportunity
• Historian
• Information Protection
• Inspector General
Judge Advocate
• Plans and Readiness
Public Affairs
Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

• SparkX Cell

316th Mission Support Group 
316th Force Support Squadron
• 316th Civil Engineer Squadron
316th Contracting Squadron
• 316th Logistics Readiness Squadron
316th Medical Group

• 316th Dental Squadron
• 316th Medical Squadron
• 316th Medical Support Squadron
• 316th Medical Operations Squadron
• 316th Aerospace Medical Squadron
• 316th Surgical Squadron

316th Operations Group

• 316th Operations Support Squadron
1st Helicopter Squadron

316th Security Forces Group

• 316th Security Forces Squadron
• 316th Security Support Squadron
• 816th Security Forces Squadron



Air Force Mission
The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win...in air, space and cyberspace. 

To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision:

The United States Air Force will be a trusted and reliable joint partner with our sister services known for integrity in all of our activities, including supporting the joint mission first and foremost. We will provide compelling air, space, and cyber capabilities for use by the combatant commanders. We will excel as stewards of all Air Force resources in service to the American people, while providing precise and reliable Global Vigilance, Reach and Power for the nation.

The Air Force has three core competencies: Developing Airmen, Technology-to-Warfighting and Integrating Operations. These core competencies make our six distinctive capabilities possible:

Air and Space Superiority :  With it, joint forces can dominate enemy operations in all dimensions -- land, sea, air and space.

Global Attack:  Because of technological advances, the Air Force can attack anywhere, anytime -- and do so quickly and with greater precision than ever before.

Rapid Global Mobility:  Being able to respond quickly and decisively anywhere we're needed is key to maintaining rapid global mobility.

Precision Engagement:  The essence lies in the ability to apply selective force against specific targets because the nature and variety of future contingencies demand both precise and reliable use of military power with minimal risk and collateral damage.

Information Superiority:  The ability of joint force commanders to keep pace with information and incorporate it into a campaign plan is crucial.

Agile Combat Support:  Deployment and sustainment are keys to successful operations and cannot be separated. Agile combat support applies to all forces, from those permanently based to contingency buildups to expeditionary forces.

The Air Force bases these core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.