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Can I take a tour of Air Force One?
There are no tours available for Air Force One.

Where can I find out information about Air Force One?

To see the fact sheet on the VC-25A aircraft click here.

To see the White House's profile on Air Force One, click here.

Who can I contact for more information about Air Force One?

You may contact the 89th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office at 301-981-6011 or

Are there age restrictions?



The minimum age for a tour attendee is 10 years of age.



Can I bring my camera on the tour?



Cameras are allowed on the tour; however, there are some restrictions. Your tour guide will inform you of these restrictions.




How do I request a tour?



Public tours of Joint Base Andrews are available to local civic organizations, schools and youth groups groups of 10 to 40 people. For safety reasons, children under the age of 10 are not allowed. Groups requesting a tour must complete the Tour Request Form and e-mail it to

Tour requests must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the date of the tour. Requests must be submitted through the 316th Wing Public Affairs Office and are accepted up to six months in advance.

Tours are coordinated one month in advance. These guided tours are available at 9 a.m. and are limited to one per week. Tours are given Monday through Friday only. A particular day of the week may be requested, but there is no guarantee that a tour will be available on that day until your tour is confirmed.

No tours will be given on weekends or federal holidays. Tours are free of charge. Please note tours may be subject to last-minute cancellations due to mission requirements.

For additional information, call 240-612-4428 or e-mail



How many people do we need to schedule a tour?



The minimum number of people to schedule a tour is 10. The maximum number of people allowed on a tour is 50. Please schedule a separate tour for people in excess of 50.




How much notification do we need to give to schedule a tour?



Tours must be scheduled a minimum of 30 days prior to the desired date of the tour.




What does a tour consist of?



Tours start at 9 a.m. and are scheduled for a maximum of 3 hours. Tours of Joint Base Andrews may include any of the various organizations on base to include static displays and demonstrations, however, no particular activities can be guaranteed.

There are no tours of Air Force One. Every effort will be made to honor your request but, ultimately, we work around our daily operations schedule.

If mission dictates, a tour may be cancelled at any time, without notice. There will be no substitutions during these cases.




What kind of vehicle should we use?



Groups are responsible for transportation large enough to carry the entire group and a tour guide. All buses/vans must arrive at the Pearl Harbor Gate for security processing. Please confirm vehicles used and directions to the Pearl Harbor Gate prior to arrival.




Where should our tour bus/van enter the base?



Tour groups should enter the base through the Pearl Harbor Gate where they will be met by a public affairs representative.

From I-495 Beltway:
Take Exit 11 A, East Pennsylvania Avenue/Route 4 toward Upper Marlboro.
Immediately after second light, (Suitland Parkway) merge into most right lane.
After traveling a total of 1.3 miles, take exit for Dower House Road.
At light take a right.
Take a right after traveling .7 miles at gate.




Fitness: I like to run on the track outside the Education Services Office and Military Personnel Flight. Well, daylight savings was a couple weeks ago and it’s now dark an hour early. I went to run on the track and the lights weren’t on yet. Are they on a timer, or does someone have to turn them on? Is there any way we can get them on an hour earlier?
Thank you for the opportunity to address this concern. The track near Bldg. 1414 is actually not a lit track. The lights around that field are designed to provide lighting for our intramural sporting events such as flag football. They are not there to light the track during periods of darkness. Unfortunately, there are no tracks with lighting on this base. However, the Tactical Fitness Center on the West Side provides an indoor running area that is lit. Additionally, there are always treadmills and other cardio machines in both fitness centers to support our runners during hours of darkness. The West Side Fitness Center hours are from 4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and holidays. The East Side Fitness Center hours are from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The East Side Fitness Center is closed on holidays. Thanks again for the opportunity to address this concern and remember if you choose to run on base during hours of darkness to don your reflective belt or reflective PT clothing for safety.

Fitness: I was recently at the West Fitness Center, and noticed that many of the Airmen were not wearing their PT gear properly. Violations included rolling shirt sleeves to look like cut-offs and wearing flip-flops. As a senior NCO, I have no problem approaching these Airmen, but was wondering if there was a base policy, in addition to the AFI, to be more specific towards these infractions?

There is no base policy on the wear of the PT uniform, however, we utilize AFI 36-2903 to enforce proper wear. There are pictures displayed in the West Fitness Center on the correct way to wear the uniform. Flip flops should only be worn with the PT uniform when individuals are in the dressing room area. If violations are noticed they should be addressed on the spot. If it doesn't look right, more than likely it isn't. I encourage all Airmen to continue to enforce the standards and hold each other accountable for the proper wear of the uniform.

Housing: I just moved here from Pope AFB, N.C. I lived in an apartment on the second floor where I couldn’t have a grill. I now live in the Liberty Park at Andrews privatized housing and I love not having to commute through D.C. traffic. I’d like to have the neighbors over for a barbeque this weekend and kind of kick-off Spring. Hopefully, the weather will be as nice as it was last weekend. Is there anything I should know before I go out and buy a grill? I don’t want to suddenly find the fire department kn

Welcome to Joint Base Andrews! Housing residents are responsible for fire safety. Barbecue grills are allowed, but must be used at least 10 feet from structures. Grills should not be placed near a building until they are cool and allow the coals to burnout before disposing of them in a metal container. If the weather turns, never use the grill under a porch or overhang. Also, it's a good idea to make sure your propane tank is turned off at the cylinder. Never leave the grill unattended, especially when children are present. Don't forget, you're responsible for the actions of all your party guests including any damage or violations of your tenant lease agreement. If there is an accident and your grilling gets out of control, be sure to call the fire department. All fires must be reported regardless of size and whether or not they have been extinguished.

Housing: I talked to wives moving to Andrews on internet discussion boards, and a common concern seems to be the cost of fences for on-base housing. Is there any way that base personnel can work with housing to make the cost more reasonable since many families with young children and pets want fences?

Liberty Park at Andrews has worked hard to make the community an attractive, wonderful place to live for all residents. As part of this initiative, we have been removing dilapidated fences from yards when residents move out of their home. We make every effort to keep fences that are in good condition in case the next resident to live in that home would like a fence. Although it is not possible in every case, we always try to accommodate fencing preferences with these units when a new resident moves into Liberty Park. For residents installing new fences in their backyard, we have also negotiated bulk pricing with the fencing contractors to make fences more affordable than they would be off-base.

Housing: We had a long summer and a warm autumn, and now the leaves are making up for lost time. Most of them seem to be in my yard and driveway. I live in the Liberty Park privatized housing, and I know the rest of the base belongs to the military, but who is responsible for removing the leaves?

It's a joint team effort. Liberty Park at Andrews is responsible for removing the leaves from the lawns and some streets in the family housing areas. The 316th Civil Engineer Squadron is responsible for removing the leaves in the roadways and parking lots.

Liberty Park has two removals a season. They plan to start the first of two removals soon, depending on the weather. The 316 CES has already begun clean-up efforts. The squadron has three street sweepers that patrol the base on a schedule, hitting high use areas, such as parking lots, more often. They work until all the leaves are off the trees and after winds blow leaves in from the numerous forested areas around the base.

Housing: What is the process for me to rent my home to military families at Joint Base Andrews? Who should I contact? How do I put my home for rent on Andrews’ website?

Thank you for supporting our military families. There are several options available to you. To list a property on the Web for military members, log on to the Department of Defense housing listings website You can also take out an ad in the Andrews Gazette classifieds by calling Comprint Military Publications at 301-670-2505. Also, you can give your information to the Off Base Referals Office by calling 301-981-5165.

Weddings: My fiancée and I are looking to marry this spring, and there is nothing we would like more than to be wed at Joint Base Andrews. What are some special locations where we can be wed and where can we have the reception?

There are a number of places where Department of Defense card holders may hold their wedding. They can schedule it at any of our three chapels by coming in and filling out an application. For more information, call the chaplain's assistants at 301-981-2111.

Weddings can also be held at Yuma Park and the Freedom Lake by calling Outdoor Recreation at 301-981-4109, or by coming into their offices at 1235 Menoher Dr. and filling out an application. The pavilion areas at the park and lake are also ideal places to host a wedding reception. Keep in mind that the pavilion areas are closed for functions until April. 

Members of The Club at Andrews can have their wedding and reception in any of the club's Regency A and B, Prince George's and Annapolis rooms. Club members need to come in to the club's cashier cage with their ID and fill out an application. For more information, call 301-568-3100.

The Courses at Andrews may also be a good place to hold a reception. For more information, call 301-981-5010.

Q: What qualifies as distracted driving?
A: Distracted driving is defined as texting, talking, emailing or using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle without the use of a hands-free device.

Q: What if I am stopped at a red light or a stop sign and not driving at the time?
A: Distracted driving is applicable to any vehicle that is in the flow of traffic. Regardless of being stopped at a red light or stop sign, if you are caught distracted, you will be cited.

Q: When will this policy be instated for enforcement?
A: January 6, 2014.

Q: Who can be charged with distracted driving?
A: Anyone operating a motor vehicle on Andrews can be charged with distracted driving.

Q: What are the differences in penalties for a dependent, a military member and a civilian employee who get pulled over?
A: Dependents and Civilians will be cited with a DD Form 1805 which will result in a fine and suspension. Military members will be cited with a DD Form 1408 which will result in a suspension only. The suspension for first time offenses will be 30 days, regardless of status.

Q: If I have to pay a fine, are my driving privileges still revoked?
A: Yes, your driving privileges will still be revoked.

Q: Does every civilian or dependent ticketed have to go to court?
A: No, you only go to court if you wish to rebut your citation.

Q: What happens when I go to court?
A: You will have a chance to rebut your ticket in front of a magistrate judge.

Q: Will my ticket be reported to the Maryland or Virginia department of Motor Vehicles?
A:Your citation will be reported to the Maryland Vehicle Administration.

Q: Will my insurance company find out about my ticket and raise my insurance rates?
A: There are no points applied towards your driver's license for distracted driving on base. But you should check with your insurance company to verify whether or not your rates will be affected.

Q: What if I live out of state?
A: You still have to abide by Maryland state laws if you are operating a motor vehicle in the state of Maryland.

Q: How can I get rebut the ticket?
A: If you do not pay the fine, Maryland DMV will send you a notice for you to appear in court. The court date that is listed on the ticket will be the date that you appear to rebut the citation. If you are military, you have five duty days to rebut the citation through reports and analysis.

Q: How much are the fines that individuals have to pay for distracted driving. Does it increase with the subsequent offenses?
A: The first offense will result in a fine of $83.00. The second offense will be $140.00 and the third offense will be $160.00.

Q: If I get ticketed with distracted driving, when do my base driving privileges get revoked?
A: Your driving privileges will be revoked starting the day after your citation and letter have been issued to you.

Q: If I chose to rebut my ticket, will my driving privileges be reinstated during that time?
A: No, your privileges will not be reinstated during that time.

Q: If I have to pay a fine, does it add points to my driver's license?
A: There are no points for this offense.

Q: As a military member, does it add points to my base driving record?
A: No points will be added to your base driving record for distracted driving.

Q: I commute to work, where can I park my car if I can't drive on base?
A: There is no designated location to park your vehicle if you driving privileges have been suspended. However, individuals may not leave their car at the visitor's center and walk on base.

Q: What happens if my driving privileges are revoked, but I'm caught driving anyway?
A: If you are caught driving during your suspension, you will receive an additional two year suspension.

Q: Are the penalties the same for those operating POVs versus GOVs?
A: A distracted driving citation while operating a GOV is the same as POVs, and result in a suspension of base driving privileges for 30 days.

Q: What procedures have been put in place to account for emergency situations requiring use of a phone during driving?
A: Patrolmen will use their judgment with each situation prior to citing an individual for distracted driving. All contributing factors will be taken into account prior to issuing the citation. According to the policy, the following are justifiable reasons to utilize a cellphone while driving.
· (1) Emergency use of a handheld telephone, including calls to:
(i) A 9-1-1 system;
(ii) A hospital;
(iii) An ambulance service provider;
(iv) A fire department;
(v) A law enforcement agency; or
(vi) A first aid squad;

Q: Will I be charged with distracted driving for changing the radio station, applying make-up, eating, or for similar additional activities while driving?
A: No, only texting, talking, emailing or utilizing a cellphone in any manner while driving constitute as distracted driving.

Q: What regulation allows for the issue of driving suspension without a trial?
A: AFI 31-218 and AFMAN 31-116.

Q: Will talking on a radio constitute distracted driving?
A: No, talking on a radio will not constitute as distracted driving.

How do I place an ad in the base newspaper?
Joint Base Andrews no longer produces a base newspaper.  However, Comprint Military Publications produces the Andrews Gazette, which is a community newspaper that contains articles from the base website as well as stories from the surrounding community. To advertise, call 301-670-2505.

Where do I submit an article for publication?

We welcome guest articles and are always looking for new ways to tell the Team Andrews story.  If you would like to submit an article for release on the base website, or would like to speak to someone about having an article written, please call the 11th Wing Public Affairs Command Information Section at 240-612-4429.