Joint Base Andrews


Andrews fitness centers give second chance to keep New Year’s resolutions

By Airman 1st Class Andrew Polvino | Capital Flyer staff writer | February 20, 2007

ANDREWS AFB, Md. -- The 316th Services Squadron 2007 fitness program, themed 2007 ... A Fitness Revolution, is scheduled to begin Sunday. 

''The only way to get in shape, lose those extra pounds and get those nice abs is to exercise and maintain proper nutrition," said Charles F. Rose, 316 SVS fitness centers director. ''Though our new year has passed and many of us have already broken our fitness resolutions, the West Fitness Center is giving everyone a second chance to put that resolution to work for you."

Sunday is the Lunar New Year, celebrated by many Asian cultures to include Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, said the fitness centers director.

''Fitness Revolution is your last chance to start that exercise program you've been wanting to start all year," he said. ''The Fitness Revolution is set up to help individuals and entire units meet their fitness goals with some fun competition thrown in."

The fitness centers host many different programs to assist servicemembers with keeping in shape.

''You will see all types of incentive programs that meet the needs for people of all shapes and sizes," said Mr. Rose. ''If you like to run, walk or jog, we have a new running and walking incentive program for you. If you like to lift weights and get the 'buff' look, we have an incentive program for you too!"

The WFC is also starting a Biggest Loser incentive program.

''The program is to see who can lose the most amount of total weight within a specified time," he said. ''Whatever you like to do, we will have an incentive program that can meet your exercise needs and initiative."

The WFC has created a variety of unit fitness competitions to get everyone involved.

''Besides our monthly 5K fun runs and walks, we'll still do our push-up and crunch challenges, bike races, triathlons and many more interesting events," said Mr. Rose. ''The difference this year is we want representation from all levels of your unit. We want to see the unit commanders, executive officers, first sergeants, senior NCOs, NCOs and Airmen all competing as teams in these events. Points will be awarded to each unit that is represented in each event, as well as points for the place they finish in that competition. The unit with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the Commander's Fitness Trophy representing the most fit unit here."

In addition to competitions, overall fitness levels of each unit will be assessed.

''We'll determine the average fitness score of each unit and the unit with the best mean score on their annual fitness test wins," said the fitness centers director.

Mr. and Mrs. Fit Andrews Awards will also be awarded to the two individuals who obtain the best possible score on the annual fitness test.

The WFC also has a Fitness Advisor program. The computer-based program allows a person to record all of his or her fitness activities, both indoor and outdoor.

''It's great because you can record your unit physical training sessions, and it allows you to track your progress in cardio, strengthening and conditioning," said Mr. Rose. ''Unit commanders will also be able to gain access to people assigned to their unit, so they can see how everyone is doing with their personal exercise program."

This year's fitness program is intended to assist servicemembers in becoming healthy and able to maintain fitness standards.

''Fitness has become more than just a requirement for our Air Force community," said Mr. Rose. ''Fitness has become a way of life. Our goal is to provide everyone who enters our facilities with the best opportunity to get in the best fitness condition possible."