Joint Base Andrews


ABUs to be worn in AEF 7/8

By Airman 1st Class Andrew Polvino | Capital Flyer staff writer | February 20, 2007

The new Airman Battle Uniform is scheduled to be distributed to deploying Airmen as early as March and to basic trainees as early as October. 

According to a recent release by Headquarters Air Force, Washington, D.C., the initial wear and distribution plan for the ABU will begin with deployers in air and space expeditionary forces seven and eight. Airmen will be issued two sets of ABUs and two sets of Desert Camouflage Uniforms. Airmen in combat rescue, special tactics, pararescue, combat control and tactical air control, operations weather, battlefield weather and explosive ordinance disposal specialties will be issued four sets of ABUs.

''By June 2008, the ABU is projected to be available for purchase at Army and Air Force Exchange Service Military Clothing Sales Stores (MCSS) worldwide," said Marc J. Floyd, Andrews and Bolling Air Force Bases Consolidated Exchange general manager. ''General officers and major command, command chief master sergeants will be able to purchase two sets at the Air Force MCSS in February."

According to the release, the uniforms for non-deploying Airmen, including Air Reserve Component and Air National Guard, will be available for purchase in MCSS once deploying AEF 7⁄8 war-fighters are fitted for deployment first.

''Clothing allowances for enlisted personnel will increase to accommodate increased expenses beginning in October," said Mr. Floyd.

MCSS will continue providing battle dress uniforms through 2011.

The mandatory wear date of the ABU is October 2011.