Joint Base Andrews


New trail enhances perimeter protection

By William Torian | 316th Wing Antiterrorism Office | January 19, 2007

ANDREWS AFB, Md. -- A base jogging trail that skirts the base perimeter fence here was funded by Air Mobility Command as an antiterrorism initiative.

The trail starts at the Maryland Gate, travels along the fence line past the North Gate, and continues all the way to Fetchet Avenue near Child Development Center 3 on the east side of Andrews.

The completed project is part of the Antiterrorism Force Protection program. The concept is designed as an integrated effort where all unit personnel must have the mindset that combating terrorism isn't solely the responsibility of the 316th Security Forces Squadron. They are merely one component of a comprehensive, successful team effort.

For this reason, the Department of Defense coined the phrase "every Airman is a sensor." This includes not only the military, but government service employees and contractors too.

In keeping with this theme, the new jogging trail around the perimeter allows the base populace a suitable running surface, and from a force protection standpoint, runners can keep their eyes on the base perimeter for signs of tampering, needed maintenance or suspicious activity.

"It's important the perimeter fence stays in top-notch condition," said Tech. Sgt. Michael T. Towne, 316th Wing Antiterrorism NCOIC. "If there is a problem, we need it reported to 316 SFS. The fence line is considered our first line of defense, and it deters criminals and saboteurs from gaining access onto the installation.

"We think this is a great innovation. The more eyes and ears on the fence line, the less likely surveillance of our various missions at Andrews will occur," said the sergeant.
For questions about antiterrorism-related issues, contact a unit antiterrorism representative or the 316 WG Antiterrorism Office at 301-981-3682 or 301-981-2701.