Joint Base Andrews


DoD converts to National Security Personnel System in January

By Margo Turner | Capital Flyer staff writer | November 13, 2006

ANDREWS AFB, Md. -- Federal civilian employees assigned to Andrews may have more money to spend after the Department of Defense converts to the new National Security Personnel System in January. 

The NSPS is a management system, which will replace the 15-grade General Schedule pay system with pay increases based on each DoD employee's annual performance evaluation, said Archie Y. Warren, a 316th Mission Support Squadron Civilian Personnel Flight human resources specialist. 

Ms. Warren said the new system will enable the DoD to retain and attract talented and motivated employees committed to excellence. 

Non bargaining DoD employees convert to the NSPS automatically, based on their permanent position of record, she said. 

Employee positions convert to the NSPS without loss of pay, said Ms. Warren. For most employees, pay may increase if the employee is eligible for a one-time, prorated within-grade increase buy-in. The WGI buy-in is added to the employee's base salary when the position converts to the NSPS. 

The initial increase in pay after the conversion to the NSPS will account for the time DoD employees have already earned toward their WGI, said Ms. Warren. 

"Those who have acceptable performance ratings in Step 9 or lower of their current grade will receive the extra money," said Ms. Warren. "Those at Step 10 will transfer at their current salary." 

Ms. Warren said the WGI calculator is located on the NSPS 101 Web site, This calculator is intended to help employees understand the NSPS conversion process and isn't intended to result in official conversion information. 

All DoD employees need to know the date of their last WGI because the new system will calculate against that date, she said. 

"The calculation is based on base pay only, and locality pay is in addition to this amount," she said. "The calculator also identifies an employee's career group, pay schedule and pay band based on their current GS series and grade." 

Four career groups are under the NSPS, she said. Each career group has a broad grouping of occupations performing similar types of work with similar progression patterns. The standard career group, for example, includes professional/analytical, technical/support, student employment and supervisor/management. Other career groups include an investigative and protective services career group, a medical career group and a scientific and engineering career group. 

For more information about the National Security Personnel System and the WGI, call 301-981-9580 or the servicing 316 MSS Civilian Personnel specialist.