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Spiritual Care Consult can help alleviate stress and enhance work-life balance

By Kathleen Tyler | 11th Medical support Squadron | September 15, 2017


The Spiritual Care Consultation is a new service available within the Malcolm Grow Family Health Clinic to offer assistance to those who would like to include their spiritual health in a plan for holistic wellness. The spiritual consultation addresses the spiritual aspect of any physical, emotional or social concern that is impacting someone’s daily life and is completely confidential.


Spiritual fitness is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It’s essential to resiliency and includes a sense of purpose, connectedness, values, morals and religious faith. Chaplain (Maj.) Crystal Jones, is available in the Family Health Clinic to discuss any physical or emotional health concern from a spiritual perspective.


Jones will listen to your specific concerns and share resources that may be helpful in your journey toward wellness and suggest lifestyle changes to increase overall health, purpose and meaning. She can offer spiritual practices to help relieve symptoms associated with various chronic medical conditions and help develop goals and a plan for spiritual growth to alleviate stress and enhance work-life balance. Like the behavioral health consult, which offers assistance with specific emotional, psychological, or social stressors, both services are designed to be a part of overall health care.


Jones has both a Masters of Divinity degree and a Master’s in Education with certifications in suicide prevention, marital counseling, communication, divorce recovery and parenting. She is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry with a focus on spiritual practice as a tool for personal resiliency.


“I became interested in spiritual counseling in high school,” said Jones. “I took a class called Peer Counseling because I was going through a difficult time in my family and wanted to learn how to help myself and others. At the end of the school year both my peers and our instructor commented that I had helped them in some way. It felt like what I was destined to do.” 


When asked her greatest challenge, Jones stated, “Many don’t recognize the benefit of building spiritual strength and neglect this. Whether it is taking a bike ride and actually breathing in fresh air or pausing in a beautiful space to pray while listening to your favorite inspirational music, the moments we take to focus on spirit today give us the elasticity that we need to bounce back from the challenges of tomorrow.”


“Faith in God has been the driving force of my life,” said Jones. “I grew up as a Pastor’s kid, with grandparents, aunts and uncles who are all clergy or church leaders. Being able to help others find and grow in a belief system that is suited to them and watching God at work is a constant source of inspiration.”


Jones’ office is located in Modular Building 107. She is available for walk-ins on designated mornings and scheduled appointments in the afternoon. You can stop at the receptionist’s desk in the Family Health Clinic and ask if there is availability for a walk in or make an appointment for a later time. You can also call the Family Health Clinic at (240) 612-1130 to schedule or email the chaplain directly at