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Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Krista Cordora-Bradley, 11th Medical Group dental assistant

By Kathleen Tyler, 11th Medical Group | February 14, 2018

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md.-- Our next Dental Assistant Spotlight is Staff Sgt. Krista Cordora-Bradley, another crucial member of the 11th Medical Group dental team, who has served in the Air Force for five years and has worked at the dental clinic for just over a year. 

As a dental assistant, Cordora-Bradley, cleans teeth and assists dentists with dental procedures. This includes taking the patient’s medical history, blood pressure, pulse, and x-rays along with teaching good oral hygiene. She also handles a variety of administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, maintaining inventory and communicating with patients at the front desk.

Staff Sgt. Krista Cordora Bradley
Staff Sgt. Krista Cordora Bradley

Cordora-Bradley is originally from Dover, Pennsylvania and had no prior experience with the military growing up. She joined the service for the opportunity to purse her educational studies.

When asked what she likes best about being a dental assistant, Cordora-Bradley stated it's getting to work with the dentists and seeing the expression on a patient’s face after they’ve had work done and have a new improved smile.

“It makes me feel wonderful to help others with their oral health and know that my job directly contributes to the military mission by ensuring patients have good oral health and are fit to deploy,” she said.“The biggest challenge for me is trying to calm down patients who are apprehensive about a visit to the dentist. I’ve found the best way to do this is to listen to their fears and concerns and come up with a game plan to overcome their nervousness and help them feel more comfortable.” 

She is motivated each day by a simple love for what she does and the desire to provide the type of care she would want to receive if she were sitting in the dental chair. She approaches patient care with the attitude that the patient needs to be comfortable before any treatment is started. She listens to their concerns and comes up with a plan to ensure their comfort.

Cordora-Bradley describes herself as empathic and stated that, from a young age, she was taught to look at all situations from the other person’s point of view.

“If someone asked me about joining the military, I would tell them to research the job fields they are interested in and definitely give it a try,” she added.

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