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Default Air Force Logo Mentoring for the future
When the commander informed me about writing an article for the Capital Flyer, I began to reminisce. I previously wrote a "From the Top" article about five years ago when I was the acting first sergeant for the former 89th Medical Support Squadron. I discussed 'getting out of your comfort zone.' Instead of choosing a topic to write about, I
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Default Air Force Logo Back to Basics
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to greet Vice President Joe Biden as he departed Andrews on his way to deliver the commencement address at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The brief interaction with our Nation's second in command was not only an honor, but one of the unique aspects of serving as a squadron commander at Andrews. Not surprisingly,
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Default Air Force Logo The impact of an outstanding air show
Congratulations Team Andrews! This weekend we completed another successful Joint Service Open House. Although the attendance numbers are not yet official, I estimate the crowds exceeded the 100,000 mark set last year. Great job Team!During this weekend, we thanked the public for the support they show the armed forces, as well as showcased our
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Default Air Force Logo Enjoy the journey
In 1983, college professor William Least Heat-Moon published his instant classic, "Blue Highways: a Journey into America," which chronicled his 13,000 mile journey along the back roads of America in a beat-up old van. Steering clear of the major cities and interstates, Mr. Moon toured 38 states along blue highways, the small state and country roads
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Default Air Force Logo Pride, teamwork make the difference
Every day at Andrews, history happens and you are a part of it. We have a no-fail mission, and the pride and teamwork that you exhibit on a daily basis makes Team Andrews successful. To date, you have probably seen and done more singular achievements here just this year than you ever would have imagined, such as the G20, Inauguration, presidential
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Default Air Force Logo Be the leader you deserve
Leadership is a key skill in most any organization, but it is a must in the military. Key aspects of leadership include setting a good example, followed closely by setting and then enforcing standards. We all know these tenets from professional military education and mentorship that we receive from those we work with daily. There are two additional
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership with "Purity of Purpose"
I have a theory about cats that I like to relay to all of my young officer friends and senior NCOs: Basically, there are three kinds of cats. First, are the cats that never catch mice. Second, are the cats that do catch mice, but they make sure master knows every time they do, eagerly bringing their prize latched in their jaws even to the dinner
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Default Air Force Logo It's Often the Little Things
Often in "From The Top," we write about large concepts like Integrity, Service, and Excellence. While these are important, and serve as the foundation for our service's core values, it is often the little things we do that truly define us as professionals. Recently Col. Clair Gilk wrote in this column about common courtesy and its contagious
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Default Air Force Logo Paying attention to detail: It's the small things that count
Everybody remembers the "big event", whether good or bad - the touchdown pass to win the game, the 3-pointer at the buzzer to win the national championship, the perfect landing in the Hudson River that saved 155 lives, or the fighter that dropped the perfect ordnance and rid the world of some bad guy someplace. We also recall the pictures from Abu
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Default Air Force Logo Let's make common courtesy common again
The 316th Wing is making great strides in meeting our wing goals of evident pride in ourselves, our wing and our base, presidential respect and support from each all Team Andrews members and their families, and having Airmen fit to fight and win across all spectrums.We have spent much of the last nine months working on improving the pride we have
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