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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | Feb. 7, 2020

America's Airman: TSgt Kyle Musacchia

By Tech Sgt. Isaac Garden 11 WG/PA

What's your full name, job title and unit?

Kyle Nick Musacchia/Inspection Planner/11 WG IG

What's your hometown city and state (and country, if not U.S.)?

Hammond, Louisiana

Why did you decide to serve in the military?

My grandfather served in World War II and it made a deep impression on me as a kid. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and continue my family’s legacy of service. He passed away long before I was born, but seeing the portrait of him in his dress uniform and hearing stories from my grandmother made me aspire to be just like him.

How do you think your job impacts the wing’s mission?

We provide accountability for the Wing. We strive to maintain a culture of excellence by conducting realistic exercises and thorough inspections. We work with all units to continuously improve and maintain success so that the base operates at its highest potential.

What's been your favorite assignment/TDY and why?

Aviano, Italy was far and away my favorite assignment. The ability to operate in a high tempo mission paired with the endless opportunities to travel all throughout Europe made it two of the best years of my life.

What is your dream assignment and why?

My dream overseas assignment would be any base in England and my dream CONUS assignment would be Patrick AFB, FL. England is one of my favorite countries that I have visited and London is my favorite city to visit because of the culture and history. Patrick AFB is in my wife’s hometown and I have grown to love the area over the past 4 years. The friends and family that we have there would make it an amazing assignment.

What's the coolest thing you’ve done in the military?

I enjoy traveling with my wife anywhere in the world. We especially appreciate the D.C. area because of the local history and many historical sites. When we have free time, we usually try to spend it at museums, shows at the Kennedy Center, or with friends at the many vineyards in the area.

What hobbies do you have/what do you do in your spare time?

The biggest challenge I have faced in my life was tearing my ACL in my left leg two years in a row. Beyond ending my final two seasons of high school football early, the mental and physical strain of rehabilitation made me question if I ever wanted to take athletic risks anymore. I did not participate in any form of intramural sports or even workout for almost two years following the completion of my second rehab. This was out of fear that I would have to complete the 8 month surgical and rehab cycle for a third time. Once I finally convinced myself that I would be miserable if I didn’t get back into some sort of athletic routine, I was able to start enjoying it all over again. This culminated with me training to eventually join the Air Force.