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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | Nov. 20, 2020

JBA hosts multiagency forensic training

By Senior Airman Kaylea Berry 316th Wing Public Affairs

The 2nd Field Investigative Squadron, 7th Field Investigative Squadron, 316th Wing Security Forces Group and Judge Advocates from the 316th Wing Legal Office participated in a two-day multiagency forensic and witness testimony training at Joint Base Andrews on Oct. 30 and Nov. 6, 2020.


Consistent training focused on improvement coupled with real-world implementation of those skills sharpened through practice keeps these agencies mission ready at all times.


“The units involved in this training serve the base and surrounding community,” said Special Agent Julianne Wilde, Detachment 331 Office of Special Investigations. “This exercise will increase cooperation, facilitate coordination, and assist participating units in understanding each agency’s responsibilities when it comes to law enforcement and emergency response on JBA.”


The scenario involved a role-player victim calling in a domestic altercation to the Base Defense Operations Center. Patrolmen from the 316th Security Forces Squadron were dispatched to the location of the role-player victim. Upon arrival, patrolmen learned that a sexual assault had taken place.


“We were the first people to make contact with the victim, treat first aid if needed and preserve the scene as best as we can for Investigations and OSI to take over the investigation,” said Staff Sgt. George Harrison, 316th Security Forces patrolman.


Once on scene, OSI and the Security Forces Office of Investigations interviewed the role-player victim, processed the scene and collected evidence.


The second part of the training, a simulated court martial that focused on courtroom testimony and cross-examination, took place on Nov 6. This part of the training involved agents testifying before an open panel about their handling of evidence and the scope of the criminal investigation.


“The ultimate driving factor leading to this training was the desire to increase the preparedness and efficacy of the 316th Wing’s response to emergency or criminal activity to better serve the National Capital Region and Joint Base Andrews,” said Wilde. “This training allowed all agencies involved to share perspectives, resources, and technical knowledge with each other, enabling internal growth within each agency and cooperation among all agencies.”


This was the first training of this nature at JBA. There are plans to conduct more trainings in the future with additional agencies and different scenarios requiring crime scene and emergency response. Training for various situations ensures that all agencies are prepared for anything that comes their way, as they protect and serve JBA and the NCR.