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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | Nov. 8, 2021

Annual Department of Defense housing survey requests tenant feedback

By 316th Wing Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force is asking tenants of privatized housing to share their experiences and opinions of the programs via the DoD Tenant Satisfaction Survey that began Oct. 28, 2021.

The survey, administered by CEL & Associates, Inc., is accessible through an email link and will be available to all residents until Dec. 13, 2021 to submit their assessments. The Air Force is funding the survey, and CEL & Associates is an independent third-party provider.

By using a third-party firm, Airmen, Space professionals and their families can provide their open, honest and anonymous impressions of living in privatized housing. The survey data will be shared with Air Force housing program leaders and project owners to continue improving the privatized housing experience.

“Resident voices are extremely important and provide the input needed to impact real change in our family housing programs,” said Robert Moriarty, the deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for Installations. “The feedback provided greatly impacts how the Department of the Air Force is able to ensure the viability for the privatized housing programs. Past inputs from our residents resulted in many of the positive changes we see taking place today in the privatized housing program and I encourage everyone to have their voice heard this year.”

The annual survey provides DAF housing officials, installation leaders and project owners feedback to shape “the evolution of improvements that advance the DAF housing portfolio that is provided to service members and their families,” said Col. Sara Deaver, Air Force Housing Program chief at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center.

The survey results guide the decisions the Department of the Air Force makes today and will impact future generations of service members and their families.

“This survey is a chance for residents to really voice their opinions and get those thoughts in front of department leadership who will, in turn, use those comments to address concerns raised in privatized housing,” Deaver said.

The survey has been distributed since the inception of the privatized housing program in the mid-1990s in varying forms funded by privatized project owners.

With the Air Force funding the survey, housing program leaders will receive and review the survey data and comments for  completeness  and accuracy before it’s released to privatized project owners.

Emails were sent out to all residents using the email address on file with the privatized project owners.  Residents are encouraged to check the primary email address on file with the privatized project owner to ensure it is an email address other than a .mil or .gov to avoid any issues in receiving the survey link.

Residents are also encouraged to add to their allowed senders to prevent blockage from anti-spam software in their email. Tenants should not forward the email to parties outside of their household.

Tenants who have not completed the survey will receive three email reminders during the 45-day survey period encouraging participation in the survey process.

If no member of a resident’s household receives the email link by Nov. 1, 2021, they can contact for assistance. Tenant queries should include their installation and address in the message.

Survey results are confidential and only CEL & Associates has access to individual survey responses.  The results will be provided to the DAF without information that would tie responses or comments to a particular house or resident. 

For more information about the DoD Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey, residents can contact their installation’s housing office. If residents did not or cannot find their original email with the survey link, they can contact for assistance.