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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | Oct. 26, 2022

JBA honors Warrior of the Month- Senior Airman Desmond Terry

By Airman 1st Class Matthew-John Braman, 316th Wing Public Affairs

Joint Base Andrews honored Senior Airman Desmond Terry, 316th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter, as Warrior of the Month for October, 2022.

What's your full name, job title and unit?

Senior Airman Desmond L. Terry, Firefighter, 316th CES/CEF


What's your hometown city and state (and country, if not U.S.)? 

Henderson, North Carolina


Why did you decide to serve in the military?

I decided to join not only to help my family, and to achieve my own personal goals, but to be a part of something bigger than myself. To go places and do things I never thought I could. But most importantly, to make those who support me proud. My mom, dad, and sister, along with members outside my immediate family, are the driving force and motivation that gets me out of bed every morning.


How do you think your job impacts the Wing's mission?

My job itself is one I take pride in. Not only because of the things we get to do on a daily basis, but because of how critical our role is in every infrastructure. Whether government installation or city, firefighters and medical responders are needed without question. My job keeps assets, property, and most importantly, personnel safe and able to complete the mission.


What has been your favorite assignment/ Tour of duty and why?

I am still currently at my first duty station, but I definitely want to go overseas and travel the world.


What is your dream assignment and why?

My dream assignment is between Aviano Air Base, Italy, and Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Germany is right in the middle of everything and I'd love to travel to different countries on every day I have off! Italy is just one of those countries you never hear bad things about. I'd love to spend time there. I'd definitely take that assignment without hesitation!


What is the coolest thing you have done in the military?

The coolest thing I've done so far would have to be supporting the JBA Air Show. Seeing all the different types of aircraft and seeing them do their formations in the sky was definitely something I'll always remember. I can't wait for the next one!


What hobbies do you have?

Making music is my main hobby. I do Hip-hop and R&B. I also love basketball, with working out coming in third. Music has always been my safe place. Without it, I doubt I'd have even made it this far. When I'm in the studio, it's no longer just music, it’s therapy.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

Honestly, my biggest challenge was assimilating when I first arrived here at JBA. The pace was crazy fast. From the work schedule to the dorms, it seemed like there was almost no downtime. I always needed one more thing. There were memorandums and briefings for EVERYTHING! I found myself with tunnel-vision a lot. But, thankfully, I work well under stress. As soon as I was able to form a routine, and establish a mental compass, things slowly fell into place and the little things became involuntary. I actually like challenging myself.