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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | Sept. 28, 2012

Andrews initiates E-911 phone system

By Senior Airman Lindsey A. Porter 11th Wing Public Affairs

Seconds are vital in an emergency situation. Time spent waiting on first responders can ultimately determine if lives are saved or lost.
In an effort to expedite Andrews' emergency response, a new Enhanced-911 (E-911) emergency dialing system is slated to launch across the installation in the coming months.

"The new E-911 System is going to provide all of Andrews with a faster response in case they have an emergency," said Anthony Closson, 744th Communications Squadron senior project manager. "The peace of mind that comes to Andrews' members along with this system is invaluable."

Under Andrews' original 9-11 dialing system, 9-11 calls made here were transferred off-base to the Prince George's County Police Department and then forwarded to Andrews' law enforcement personnel for further action. This system not only delayed response by transferring calls between multiple offices, but also contributed to lag time when personnel had to wait on Andrews' law offices to determine caller location.

Under the new E-911 system, 9-11 calls made here will now be handled by response personnel already located on the installation along with a system that pin-points a caller's location.
Originally installed for base use in 2007, the E-911 System could not be activated until the installation became a certified Primary Safety Answering Point. After receiving proper training and equipment, Andrews became a PSAP-capable installation, and was licensed to handle direct emergency calls.

Additionally, bases with PSAP capabilities use response technology that provides responders with detail caller information, such as a caller's telephone number along with their latitude and longitudinal location, further assisting responders in locating a caller's exact position and aiding in an expeditious response.

"Andrews will be one of the first military bases to use E-911," said Closson. "We're honored to be one of the first to provide people here with this service. We owe it to them to get help out there as quick as possible, whenever it's needed."

Before being activated, the 744th CS provided all of the base's PSAP locations with specialized E-911 training. PSAPs like the 11th Security Forces Group Law Enforcement Desk, Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic Emergency Room and all of the 11th Civil Engineer Squadron fire departments are now fully-equipped to handle any type of emergency handed their way under the new system.

However, in order to fully benefit from the new E-911 System, all Andrews residents should give their commercial phone provider (i.e., Verizon, Comcast, Vonage, etc.) their most-up-to-date contact information. Information like: user name, address and mapping information will be carried with your 911 phone call to Andrews' response teams and will help pin point your exact location in the event of an emergency. Follow the directions of the attached images to complete the process of updating your information.

"The chance that harm or death could occur if a caller didn't receive care in time is a risk we're trying to eliminate with the use of the E-911 System," said Closson. "It was a risk Joint Base Andrews leadership wants eradicated and one that hopefully will never be a factor in any of Andrews' future emergencies."

For more information on Andrews' new E-911 System, contact the 744th CS at 301-981-2009.