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Joint Base Andrews News

NEWS | May 31, 2024

Service members and family honor Lt. Gen. Frank M. Andrews' legacy

By Senior Airman Daekwon Stith 316 Wing

Service members, along with family of the base's namesake, Lt. Gen. Frank M. Andrews, honored the esteemed military officer's legacy, May 23. The ceremony featured personal anecdotes and reflections on Andrews' impact of the U.S. Air Force. 

“Lt. Gen. Andrews exemplified the highest standards of excellence from the outset of his career, his profound passion for aviation and visionary leadership laid the foundations upon which the modern Air Force stands today, leaving a lasting mark on our nation's history,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Todd E. Randolph, 316th Wing and installation commander. 

“Lt. Gen. Andrews' spirit lives on in each service member who proudly dons the uniform and every aircraft that soars around the airfield,” continued Randolph. 

The event also featured photos and a model of "Hot Stuff", the B-24 Liberator bomber that Andrews and 14 other passengers and crew were aboard when it crashed in Iceland during World War II. 

William Andrews “Andy” Nelson, great-nephew of the late general, also shared stories about his family connections and discussed Andrews' impact on his life.  

“I personally grew up very, very shy and lacked a lot of self-confidence as a kid, but to carry the name Andrews has been a source of confidence that held me up when I had very little, just knowing of his contribution to our country and to the world,” Nelson said. 

Nelson also recounted the opening of a monument in Iceland to commemorate the loss of service members aboard the B-24 aircraft and the gratitude he has after learning more about Andrews' impact. 

“The qualities that he possessed just as a human being, his determination, his grit, his self-belief, is something that I really identified with as something to strive for.” 

Additionally, the base's passenger terminal unveiled a new memorial display for Lt. Gen. Frank M. Andrews, with his family being the first to tour the exhibit.