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NEWS | Feb. 24, 2012

"The Chief's Own" merit excellence

By Senior Airman Amber Russell 11th Wing Public Affairs

Reflecting back on the Sept. 27 commander's call, Col. Ken Rizer, 11th Wing/Joint Base Andrews commander, established wing goals that would focus on making the wing an even more viable asset to our nation's leaders.
Today, members of the 11 WG remain committed to excellence. The rewards of adhering to the standards leadership has set before members of the wing are substantial.

Reaching the wing goals will help the wing operate at an optimal level of performance. Another bonus to wing wide success is the monthly incentive program, "11th Wing Goal Days," which provide non-essential personnel a day off if the following list of goals is in compliance throughout the wing:

*Achieve 95 percent compliance in all inspections and a 100 percent inspection pass rate.

*Achieve a wing-wide 92 percent pass rate on Fitness Assessments and an average score of 90 or better.

*Deploy combat ready Airmen with less than 4 percent readiness discrepancies.

*Reduce late evaluations to zero within 60 days, and less than 10 outside of 30 days.

*Zero DUIs.

*Zero preventable GOV accidents per month.

*Support two community events on JBA and/or the local area.

*All decorations requiring the 11th Wing Commander's signature are signed five days prior to member's departure or retirement

According to Rizer, the mission and the standards we strive to achieve have always been the same.

"Our wing principles and our wing mission have not changed," Rizer said. "The Chief's Own will continue to provide defense for our national leaders, we will continue to provide combat-ready Airmen to our combatant commanders and we will proudly showcase the excellence of the United States Air Force to our nation and the world."

The Chief's Own will shine in this esteemed light by making the following goals priority as well:

*Be a finalist for the Installation Excellence Award.

*Implement and refine e-staffing tool for taskers, evaluations and decorations.

*Update all operating instructions, memorandums of agreement and plans to reflect 11th Wing by July 31, 2012.

*Showcase Joint Base Andrews and our Airmen during Corona, the national conference hosted for all general officers, with zero major discrepancies.

*Reduce government-owned vehicle accidents by 50 percent from fiscal year 2011.

While earning a goal day is a positive motivator, the inherent value of contributing to the excellence of the unvarnished legacy of "The Chief's Own" is of the utmost importance.