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NEWS | Aug. 4, 2011

Tips for Monumental success shine through during Andrews Leadership Series

By Airman 1st Class Lindsey A. Beadle 11th Wing Public Affairs

Building 1535 is home to a row of Andrews Leadership Series posters. The most recent installment highlights Mr. Ted Leonsis, founder, chairman and majority owner of Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Among his signature on his poster, Leonsis encourages all who read it to "make your list," a poignant phrase uttered by Leonsis throughout his forum on Aug. 3.

The Andrews Leadership Series is a monthly installment of speakers who visit Joint Base Andrews. Through the series, all Team Andrews members are encouraged to attend and gain insight on leadership through the perspective of whomever the series showcases that month.

Despite Leonsis's grandiose business success, during his speech, Leonsis encouraged all in attendance to simply, "be happy."

"You'd be surprised how far a happy attitude will get you," said Leonsis. "It's a common misconception, but not all successful people are happy - Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson just to name a few."

By the forum's end, Leonsis gave each person five tokens of advice which he feels have most contributed to his success. When making a list of life goals, Leonsis claims that these tips have helped him the most to cross off items on his own list.

"First, be an active participant in multiple communities of interest," said Leonsis. "If you love it, do it. Second, have a high level of personal expression. You need vivacity in your life, trust me. Third, have a high level of personal empathy. I once cleaned the Verizon Center after a Washington Wizards game. No one remembered that I sat with the President during the game, but everyone there remembered that I had helped clean up afterward," said Leonsis.

"Fourth, activate volunteerism in your life," said Leonsis. "As you know, there's no other higher calling than to serve. And fifth, make sure you are in pursuit of that higher calling; don't waste your time here."

The next installment of the Andrews Leadership Series is for the month of September. Check out the Joint Base Andrews Facebook page to stay up-to-date on who will be speaking. Additionally, Building 1535 is open during the work week and all of Team Andrews is encouraged to walk down AB hallway and get reminded to "make your list."