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NEWS | June 18, 2010

Sport Bike Riders Course available on Joint Base Andrews

By Senior Airman Patrick McKenna 316th Wing

In the spirit of ensuring all Joint Base Andrews servicemembers have a fun, but more importantly, safe summer, there is a new Military Sportbike Rider Course available on our installation.

The purpose of the course is to teach riders the correct techniques when cornering and handling sport bikes, said Mr. Jamie Kesselring, 316 Wing Safety Occupational Safety & Health specialist.

The course will be thorough as it provides riders both classroom instructions as well as an opportunity to get hands on guidance via a driving lesson on base.

While the class is mandatory for all Air Mobility Command personnel that have sport bikes, Mr. Kesselring recommends all sport bike riders attend regardless of prior experience.

"This course is important so that riders are aware of how to react to safety hazards that they may come across while out riding."

The reason this class is separate from the traditional motorcycle course is because sport bikes are built more for speed, maneuverability and turning tight corners and thus require different fundamentals to ride safely.

"Sport bikes are streamlined (lightweight), high performance aerodynamically designed motorcycles," Mr. Kesselring said. "The foot pegs are located further back than conventional motorcycles, which enable the riders to get into a lower, more aerodynamic (crouched) position. They permit quick acceleration, travel at high speeds with responsive steering, and are often equipped with racing fairing. When determining whether a motorcycle is a sport bike, the manufacturer's description, horsepower and torque will be used to aid in the classification. The installation safety office is the final authority to determine if a motorcycle meets the definition of a sport bike."

Classes are held on Andrews at least once a month, and throughout the National Capital Region at installations such as Fort Meade, PAX River and NSF Dahlgren. They typically run from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

"I think the Sportbike Riders Course was great, because I'm always looking for ways to improve my riding skills," said Tech. Sgt. Freddie Mims, 316th Civil Engineer Squadron SABER project manager. "This specialized course was very helpful to me, and I highly encourage everyone to take this course."

To enroll or find class schedules at an installation near you, go to and follow the steps. For any questions or more information, contact your Unit Motorcycle Safety Representative or the 316th Wing Safety office at 301-981-5585.