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NEWS | Sept. 18, 2009

National Football League: Week 2 Predictions

By Airman 1st Class Patrick McKenna Capital Flyer sports writer

Each week I'll give a brief preview of every game. I'll make my picks and keep a running tally as the season progresses to see how well(or terrible) I'm doing. Anyone who would like to email me their picks is more than welcome. For all those interested in submitting their picks, please email by Sunday at noon.

Carolina @ Atlanta

The strengths of Carolina (defense and running game) were never given a chance to control the game last week thanks to Jake Delhomme, who almost single handedly handed the Eagles a 28 point second quarter.
While this game won't be a blowout, Atlanta is too complete on offense to be beaten at home by Carolina.
Pick: Falcons

Minnesota @ Detroit
To steal a line from Denny Green, the Vikings and Lions "are who we thought they were." Minnesota is going to pound Adrian Peterson until Detroit says "uncle."
Pick: Vikings

Cincinnati @ Green Bay
The Bengals were the victims of a pure fluke in their loss to Denver last week, but make no mistake, neither team played well enough to win that game. Green Bay at home should have little trouble disposing of the Bengals.
Pick: Packers

Houston @ Tennessee
This game pits two 0-1 AFC South teams against one another. While the Titans have nothing to be ashamed of in their hard fought week 1 loss to Pittsburgh, Houston played with no heart and made Jets rookie Mark Sanchez look like a grizzled veteran (12-15 passing on third down).
It's not about potential anymore it's about who actually brings it on Sunday.
Pick: Titans

Oakland @ Kansas City
Unless you are starting someone from this game on your fantasy team (in which case, I'm sorry) or are related to someone playing, there is very little reason to watch this game.
Pick: Raiders

New England @ New York Jets
The Jets showed in their week 1 victory over Houston they are a tough defensive team that has just enough offense to win games. With that being said, while it took until five minutes left in their game for the Patriots to realize they weren't playing in the preseason anymore, they are still an elite team.
Pick: Patriots

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo

Tampa Bay's offense impressed me last week. Byron Leftwich threw for 276 yards and the Bucs rushed for more than 170 yards as a team. Unfortunately, Tampa's defense isn't yet up to par and Buffalo will look to build on their impressive (excluding the final few minutes) performance Monday night.
Pick: Bills

New Orleans @ Philadelphia

With backup Kevin Kolb likely starting in McNabb's place, the Saints will be able to load up to stop Brian Westbrook. Without McNabb, the Eagles won't be able to keep up with the Saints' offense.
Pick: Saints

Arizona @ Jacksonville
Of my five losses last week, the one that stung the most was Arizona. The Cardinals had way more talent on the field than San Francisco and were just outplayed. This week, Arizona again is the more talented team on the field. The saying goes "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." We'll find out...
Pick: Cardinals

Washington @ St. Louis
I'll keep it simple. If the Redskins in their home opener can't beat the Rams, then the local fans might as well start getting excited about the Wizards and Capitals upcoming seasons.
Pick: Redskins

Seattle @ San Francisco
This looks to be a close game, and while I usually give the nod to the home team in toss up games, I'm going to go with Seattle because they are a little more talented on both sides of the ball.
Pick: Seahawks

Pittsburgh @ Chicago
Jay Cutler has vowed to play better this week. Considering he's coming off a game where he threw four interceptions and had a 43.2 QB rating, that's not exactly a bold statement. Pittsburgh has had extra time to prepare for Cutler and will be able to move the ball against the Urlacher-less Bears defense.
Pick: Steelers

Baltimore @ San Diego
Joe Flacco looked great last week, but Baltimore's defense gave up 24 points to the Chiefs. San Diego is considered by many to be one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, but they only beat Oakland by four points. This is a coin flip of a game, but I'll take Philip Rivers and the Chargers at home.
Pick: Chargers

Denver @ Cleveland
Denver had one of the luckiest wins in recent memory last week, and is set up nicely to start the season 2-0; something first year coach Josh McDaniels desperately needs after the train wreck offseason he and his team experienced.
Pick: Broncos

New York Giants @ Dallas
Tony Romo and the Dallas offense have plenty of fire power and will look to take advantage of a banged up Giants secondary (CB Aaron Ross is most likely out). This is one of the best games of week 2, but I'll give the edge to the healthier Cowboys at home.
Pick: Dallas

Indianapolis @ Miami

Indianapolis squeaked out a tough victory last week and if the Colts still want to be thought of as AFC contenders again, they need to take care of less talented teams like Miami.
Pick: Colts

Last week's record: 10-5
Season record: 10-5