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NEWS | Oct. 16, 2008

Outdoor Rec offers fun trips, adventure

By Pacifica Chehy Capital Flyer Staff Writer

Team Andrews members looking for fun and adventure outside the gates need only to go visit the Outdoor Recreation Center. 

Madeline Veria, Outdoor Recreation's new recreation specialist and programmer, has been hard at work designing fun and exciting adventures for Team Andrews' members and their families. Interestingly, Ms. Veria served eight years with the Air Force and moved to the area recently from Idaho. "This job is the perfect fit for me," said Ms. Veria.  "When I worked at TMO, I was the one who was planning all the trip. I love the Air Force and I came back to the military in this capacity because I wanted to help the troops with fun, outdoor excursions." 

Tammie Hollowood, Outdoor Recreation director, explained that there is a big push for exercise and being outdoors. "You are going to see that all of the programs that we offer emphasize being outdoors and exercise -- and not only during the summer and spring months either," said Ms. Hollowood. "In the winter, we'll offer snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling trips and even horseback riding in the winter. We have a lot of fun, outdoor activities planned." 

Upcoming trips include the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival in Manheim, Pa., Hoofprints Trail Horseback Riding in Parsonsburg, Md., and two trips to see the National Christmas Tree. Trips include roundtrip transportation and there are special rates for children. "Families are certainly invited on our trips. Plus, spouses of deployed members can come on these excursions with their children, too" said Ms. Veria. "We have a really nice shuttle bus, so if people are uncomfortable with driving, but still want to experience the outdoors, they can ride with us!" 

"Our job is to get you outside and to help get you fit for life," said Ms. Hollowood. "Fitness is fun and a lifetime activity. We're going to be offering trips to get Airmen out of the dorms, for families to get outdoors, and couples, too." 

Team Andrews' members who are hesitant to participate in activities because they do not know of anyone who enjoys the same activity should be aware of Outdoor Recreation's Buddy Board. 

"There's a board out here where you can write down your name, number and activity. For instance, if there's somebody out there who's a fencer, you can put your name on the board and say, 'Hey! I'm interested in fencing -- anyone else out there interested?' Or, 'Call me, I'm trying to get a group together for paintball.' We're really big into having a 'wingman,' like if someone wants to go camping, but doesn't want to go alone. This is a way to find someone who enjoys the same activities as you," said Ms. Veria The "Buddy Board" can be found in the Outdoor Rec lobby. 

The team at Outdoor Recreation is always open to ideas for outdoor trips. "We are here for you," said Ms. Veria. "Who wouldn't love to plan a trip and love to go on it?" Ms. Veria added, "If you want a great outdoor trip that we don't already have planned, come to me and we can work on getting the trip together." 

For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at 301-981-4109.