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NEWS | June 27, 2008

Child care registration provides one-stop service

By Pacifica Chehy Capital Flyer staff writer

Team Andrews parents in need of child care options should be aware of the services offered by the base's Child Care Registration office.

"Child care registration is a one stop shop for all child care needs at Andrews," said Donna Meador, Child Care Registration and Family Child Care director. "We can offer child care options both on- and off-base, place you on a waiting list if necessary, provide you with a family child care listing, and complete the enrollment process when care is available."

Ms. Meador said that the base's Child Development Centers accept children ages 6 weeks to kindergarten. For its school-age program, the CDC accepts children in first grade through age 12. Through the FCC program, children 6 weeks through 12 years of age are accepted.

"Between all the programs, we serve more than 700 children per day," said Ms. Meador.
The CDCs are certified by the Department of Defense and accredited by the National Association of Young Children.

"The DoD certification is awarded upon successful completion of an annual unannounced inspection by Air Force Headquarters," said Ms. Meador. "The National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation is an ongoing process based on the criteria established by NAEYC. All programs are currently accredited through 2010."

While parents have a familiarity with the service provided by the CDCs, most are not aware of the service provided by the FCC, she said.

"FCC providers have the same training requirements as center-based staff and they are inspected at least once per month on an unannounced basis, said Mrs. Meador."

Family child care providers are licensed through the Child Care Registration's FCC office and providers also have an accreditation program, as well.

"Parents unaware of how the FCC works should know that the FCC is a home-based professional childcare situation," said Mr. Meador. "It involves smaller groups of children of various ages in a home setting."

Other services provided by the Child Care Registration office and the FCC include extended child care programs including child care of PCS, volunteer child care, returning home care and extended duty care.

"The biggest misconception about the FCC is, it's not just babysitting," she said. "The providers have training requirements similar to center-based staff, are required to do activity plans, have annual background checks on themselves and their family members, and are required to plan and prepare USDA-approved menus. The FCC is a quality, professional child care alternative."

Children of Active Duty, DoD civilians and contractors who are working for a primary contractor at Andrews are eligible to have their children participate in the CDC and FCC programs.

Families needing child care can stop at the Child Care Registration office and be placed on a waiting list, if necessary, and offered care if available. Waiting list numbers vary based on age.

For more information, call 301-981-9981. The Child Care Registration office is located at 1398 Menoher Drive.