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NEWS | June 12, 2008

Youth Center coach named Coach of the Year

By Pacifica Chehy Capital Flyer staff writer

A Team Andrews member won the Jr. National Basketball Association and Women's NBA coach of the year award in a nationwide competition.

Tech. Sgt. Pitman Kennedy is the 79th Medical Operation Squadron NCO in charge of pediatric records and a volunteer basketball coach at the Youth Center.

"The Jr. NBA/WNBA award is difficult to earn and it's a prestigious award," said Bob Mowchan, Andrews Youth Sports and Fitness director. "Pitman was one of nearly 30 coaches selected for the award out of nearly 75,000 coaches! Andrews has great coaches and this is the second year in a row that we've had a winning coach."

Mr. Mowchan said one of the characteristics that make Sergeant Kennedy remarkable is how he connects with the youth. "Pitman Kennedy truly cares about the players he coaches," said Mr. Mowchan. "Not only is he interested in teaching the kids about the game, he spends as much time teaching kids to be responsible, working hard in school, and doing the right thing. He is passionate with his desire to see the kids progress individually and as a team."

Coach Kennedy said while he teaches the youth on his team about basketball and achieving their personal best, the kids also teach him a thing or two. "Patience. They teach me a lot of patience," said Sergeant Kennedy with a smile. "I've learned to understand that they all develop at different levels. They've taught me about challenges and obstacles because we've learned not just how to accept defeat, but how to look at defeat as a victory. That's an important lesson."

When Coach Kennedy is not on the courts teaching the youth the in's and out's of dribbling and passing, one can find Coach Kennedy at the Gold Team clinic. "Currently I manage about 14,000 records for the gold team and pediatrics clinics," said Coach Kennedy.

Coach Kennedy has been in the Air Force for 12 years, completed his master's degree in management and is working toward his doctorate in education. Coach Kennedy has two children, James, 13, and Isaiah, 7, who participate in the Jr. NBA program at the Youth Center.

"The JrNBA/JrWNBA program takes the Andrews basketball program to the next level," said Mr. Mowchan. "The program brings extras to everyone involved. Coaches receive skills and drills resources they can use during practices. Players receive a player's guide and posters of some of their favorite NBA and WNBA players. Parents receive useful calendars filled with NBA and WNBA facts and players. The Andrews Sports Program receives the name association which draws more participants to the league."

Coach Kennedy is busy preparing for his upcoming clinic. "I also do summer developmental camps, for kids between the ages of 9 and 13. I'll be doing another camp this July."

Children interested in participating in the Jr. NBA/WNBA clinic can register through the Youth Center.