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Airman receives 17 months confinement, Bad Conduct Discharge

010411 | April 11, 2011

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. — On March 21, an Airman from the 779th Medical Support Squadron pled guilty to writing numerous bad checks to four fellow wingmen and Army and Air Force Exchange Service over the past two years totaling approximately $18,000.

Additionally, the Airman pled guilty to being absent without leave for a period of 10 days. A two-day sentencing hearing resulted in the Airman being sentenced to 17 months confinement, a Bad Conduct Discharge, reduction to airman basic, and total forfeitures of pay.

During sentencing, the court received testimony from Master Sgt. Timothy Reim, 779 MDSS first sergeant, concerning the impact this Airman's conduct had on the unit.

Captains Bradley Poronsky and Justin Kalinski, 11th Wing Judge Advocates prosecuting this case, called on the four victims in the case to testify about how the convicted Airman's crimes negatively impacted them.

They testified about financial hardships they have experienced as they lost between $100 and $2,800 each when the convicted Airman, their fellow wingman, asked them to cash checks for her.

Finally, they testified about the psychological effects of being taken advantage of by such a close friend and wingman.

This Airman is serving confinement at the Naval Brig in Norfolk, Virginia. A federal conviction will remain on her record for the rest of her life.

At the conclusion of the confinement, this Airman will be discharged with a Bad Conduct Discharge, which characterizes her with less than honorable service for the time she spent in the United States Air Force.