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Living in the National Capital Region can make us all feel a little disconnected. But whether you knew it or not, plenty of people just like you -- stationed right here at JBA, with similar hobbies/interests/passions -- are hanging out together on a regular basis. Whether you're into pets or computers or poker or flying kites, there's probably a club that would love to have you. And if there's not, start one!

Speaking of which, this directory is pretty new. We can only include what folks have told us about. So, if you're starting a club or you know of a club/org that's missing from the list below, PLEASE contact us and make sure we add it. Call us at 240-612-4428, or send us a Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jointbaseandrews), or use the contact section below, or send us an email (316WG.PA.COMMUNITYENGAGEMENT@us.af.mil) or stop by our office in the Jones Building. We'll get the info we need, and you'll get more folks interested in your group.

Local Clubs

  • Spiritual Healing


Contact us about a new or change to a club or organization.

Do you have an idea for new clubs or organizations? Please let us know down below.
Contact us about a new or change to a club or organization.
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Applications require a list of POCs with DSN or private phone numbers, meeting times and locations, a brief description of the club, and if a Facebook page, link it.

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