ADAPT (Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment)

The primary objective of the ADAPT Program is to promote readiness, health and wellness through the prevention and treatment of substance abuse; to minimize the negative consequences of substance abuse to the individual, family and organization; to provide comprehensive education and treatment to individuals who experience problems attributed to substance abuse; return identified substance abusers to unrestricted duty status or to assist them in their transition to civilian life, as appropriate. Commander and First Sergeant's responsibilities are detailed in AFI 44-121. The ADAPT Program can also provide a program guide for key personnel upon request by calling 240-857-8950.

Substance Abuse Awareness Seminar: Introduces substance abuse prevention and treatment by highlighting the stages of substance use, abuse and dependence. The dangers of excessive drinking, impairments to judgment while under the influence and the negative impact of substance use on all aspects of life to include work, school or family are emphasized. Additionally, the seminar will provide education on alcoholism as a disease and its devastating physiological effects on the human body.

Substance Abuse Awareness Briefings: Offered to ensure that the Andrews community is aware of substance abuse issues and the available treatment options in this area. Information includes the Air Force Instruction and State laws to heighten awareness of the potential legal consequences of substance abuse such as drinking while driving.

Substance Abuse Treatment (Group/Individual): Individual and group treatment services are provided to individuals (TRICARE beneficiaries) who are addressing substance abuse or dependency issues. Referrals for those needing higher level of substance abuse care will also be provided.

Telephone Number: 240-857-8950 or 240-857-8957.

Intensive Addiction and Recovery Service

This is a service organization dedicated to addiction recovery through assessment, treatment, education, behavioral health promotion and research. Adult TRICARE eligible beneficiaries are provided two levels of intensive individualized addiction recovery services. Active duty personnel and other TRICARE beneficiaries should contact the ADAPT office at 240-857-8957/8950.

Intensive Addictions Services: The Partial Hospitalization Service is an all-day treatment program, 5 days per week tailored to meet the individuals' addiction recovery needs. The Intensive Outpatient Service provides an intermediate level of care between Partial Hospitalization and a less intensive outpatient treatment service. Treatment at this level requires variable attendance for only half the duty day.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Meets outside Andrews at the VFW on Suitland Road and at Bell's Methodist Church on Allentown Road. Contact 240-857-8950 for the time and place of AA meetings. You may also contact this number for information on ALANON and ALATEEN meetings.

Drug Demand and Reduction

Provide drug use prevention education, information and outreach services targeted to youth. Sponsor programs on base at the Youth Center and in local schools. Call 240-857-8241 for information on programs to help keep Andrews drug free.

Drug Education for Youth-DEFY

This is a DoD program open to all military branches and DOD civilians. Drug education for children ages 9-12 is offered in a one-week summer camp experience followed by once-a-month meetings during the school year. The entire program is free! Call the AF DEFY coordinator at 240-857-8244 to volunteer or to enroll a child.