Car Care Because We Care

All airman, E-4 and below, that come in to work on a personal money management plan, receive a free car safety check, oil and filter change from the base service station. Call 301-981-9211.

Consumer Financial Counseling Agencies

These services provide assistance with resolving debt by working with your creditors. They charge a small fee for supplies and postage ($5-25 per month depending on income and size of debt). The nearest Consumer Credit Counseling (CCCS) office is Clear Point Financial Solution located in Oxon Hills and can be contacted at 301 839-8794. Two other major agencies are: Money Management International (MMI)/1-800-388-2227 and GENUS/1-800-955-0412. Some agencies provide service by mail, telephone, fax, or electronically. Personal and confidential consultations may be available. Andrews does not endorse any of the companies.

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

The PFMP offers individual and family financial counseling for those members experiencing money or credit management problem or those desiring to develop a personal or family financial plan to enhance savings, goal attainment and quality of life. Classes are offered in Personal Financial Management, Everything You Wanted to Know about Credit, Financial Issues of Transition, Car Buying, Financing a College Education, Home Buying, Home Selling, Estate Planning and Breezing through the Holidays. Please call 301-981-7087 for your personal appointment to develop your financial plan or to sign up for any of the classes listed below:

PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Does the entire budgeting process get you down, leave you frustrated and make you crazy? Does the whole thing bewilder you? Are you out on your own for the first time, married but clueless and in money trouble? THIS CLASS IS ESPECIALLY RELEVANT FOR FIRST-TERM AIRMEN AND NEWLYWEDS. SPOUSES ARE WELCOME. Learn the basic principles of money management, how to identify budget priorities and new ways of thinking about money, budgeting and financial relationships. Stop fighting about money and start taking the stress out of your daily life. Effective money management is a lot easier than you think and you'll leave this class with the tools to make better use of your money.

BREEZING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS: "Here it is holiday season again and I still haven't saved money for my gift list". Does this sound like you? How will you manage your money this holiday season? Will January bring a bottomless pit from your credit card? If so, you'll probably want to attend a class on managing your credit during the holiday season. If you're already thinking about paying your Visa with your MasterCard, if you are just hoping the Sears credit department burns down New Year's Eve or if you only want to make the best possible use of the little credit you have left, then this is the class for you.

FINANCING A COLLEGE EDUCATION: Learn the ins and outs of financing a college education using student loans, grants and 529 plans.

HOME BUYING SEMINAR: Learn to evaluate if home buying is an option for you.

HOME SELLING SEMINAR: Learn the ins and outs of selling your home rather you use an agent or do it yourself.

CAR BUYING SEMINAR: Tired of driving that old clunker? Need wheels bad? Maybe this is the class for you. THIS CLASS IS ESPECIALLY TARGETED AT FIRST TIME BUYERS AND SINGLE AIRMEN AND YOUNG AIRMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES. Learn how to figure how much car you can afford, how to find that car and how to negotiate your best deal with the salesman. Don't let buying that car, new or used, be a negative experience - remember you have what they want (money!), not the other way around. You too can soon be driving around with a big smile instead of an empty wallet!

ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR: Whether you know it or not, we all have an estate. Learn how to insure your hard earned assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes through a Will, Trust or Living Trust.

Use the Web to shop? Visit first. The American
Bar Association spells out the precautions you need to take to avoid being ripped off
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