Our Mission: To promote and improve the health of the Andrews community through programs that enhance individuals' awareness, improvement and maintenance of healthy behaviors. The Health and Wellness Center works to identify and foster change in the environment that supports the Andrews community in choosing healthy behaviors.

All programs emphasize healthy lifestyles and help to improve military readiness and productivity; prevent disease and injury; reduce medical care expenditures; and promote physical, psychological and social well-being.

All servicemembers, retired military personnel, their family members and DoD civilians are eligible to participate in HAWC programs. Contact us at 240-857-5601 or 240-857-4292. We are located in the West Fitness Center, Bldg. 1444, on Concord Avenue.

View our schedule of classes and register online at the People Helping People Web site

Healthy Living Program
This 2-hour class required is for all members receiving a composite fitness score of less than 75. The program consists of three educational components: behavioral change, nutrition and exercise.

Fitness Improvement Program
These monthly follow-up sessions with the Fitness Program Manager assist members in improving cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength until a score greater than 75 is achieved.

Body Composition Improvement Program
This program helps members manage weight and maximize fitness for the long-term. The program consists of a series of two core classes with an additional follow-up with a dietitian until members score above 75 on the PT test and have an abdominal circumference less than 40 inches for males or less than 35 inches for females.

Weight Management/Fitness Fundamentals
This class teaches how to change your diet and start or revive your exercise program to control your weight. Members are required to document exercise, food intake, goals and measurements.

Stress Management
The HAWC offers a three-session stress management program. Topics include recognizing signs of stress, physical relaxation, reassuring thinking and managing interpersonal stress. Participants are encouraged to attend all three classes. For information, call the HAWC at 240-857-5601. Attendance is not no documented in any medical records.

Tobacco Cessation
This program is designed for smokers and smokeless tobacco users who want to kick the habit. This program consists of four consecutive classes. Medication and nicotine replacement are available for TRICARE beneficiaries only. Participants must attend all sessions. Pre-registration is required.

Exercise and Pregnancy
This class will give you information you need to exercise safely and effectively during your pregnancy. Information follows the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines for exercise during pregnancy. Be sure to talk with your doctor before you start or continue any exercise program.

Physical Training Leader *
This one day comprehensive course provides PTLs the skills to safely and effectively lead fitness training and testing in their respective units. Members participate in classroom, practical application and training to enhance familiarization and skill building.

Unit Fitness Program Manager *
This is a required course for all appointed UFPMs on how to administer the USAF Fitness Program.

*Active duty members are required to consult their unit fitness program manager to register for UFPM Training and the PTL Course.

Micro-fit Fitness Evaluation System: This total body fitness evaluation consists of cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Participants receive a print out of their results. An appointment is required.

Exercise Prescription: An appointment with the exercise physiologist for an individualized exercise prescription is required to start or revive an individualized exercise program.


January ... Healthy Weight
February ... American Heart
March ... Nutrition
April ... Alcohol Awareness
May ... Physical Fitness
June ... Skin Cancer
July ... Eye Injury Prevention
August ... Asthma
September ... Cholesterol
October ... Bone density
November ... Lung Cancer
December ... Holiday Stress

(Last updated February, 2010)