PLEASE NOTE: All suspected physical or emotional abuse must be reported to the Family Advocacy Office at 240-857-9680 per Air Force Instruction 40-301. Suspected sexual assault is to be reported to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at 301-981-8058.

Relationship pastoral counseling and marriage preparation is available. Call 301-981-2111/3384 (Air Force) and 240-857-2779 (Navy) for information on programs and upcoming activities.

Any interested couple can call the Life Skills Support Center at 240-857-7186 and request a marital intake appointment. Couples will be given an appointment usually within two weeks on a space available basis. Completion of paperwork (which takes about an hour) is required prior to the appointment. Paperwork can be obtained in advance from the Life Skills Support Center, 4th Floor at Malcolm Grow Medical Center. Presentation to LSSC an hour prior to the scheduled appointment time is also an option. Couples will not be seen if they do not have their paperwork completed prior to the scheduled appointment. The first appointment is an information gathering session and usually lasts one hour. The provider will then make a determination if marital counseling is in order or if a class is more appropriate. If the need is for marital counseling, the couple can expect another appointment usually within two weeks. The appointment may be with the provider who did the initial session or it could be with another provider. If the demand for services exceeds the clinic's capabilities, an appointment through TRICARE is an option.

This one-day seminar, held Saturday, is for all couples who are seeking to enhance their relationship. The seminar is full of great ideas and action packed. Dating, engaged, newly married and seasoned couples are encouraged to attend. Classes are offered quarterly at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Childcare expenses are reimbursed if participants use a Family Child Care Provider. Call Airman and Family Readiness Center at 301-981-7087 to initiate the process for payment of child care. Call Family Advocacy at 240-857-9680 to sign up for the seminar. NO DOCUMENTATION IN ANY RECORDS.

Designed for married and engaged couples, this workshop provides greater understanding and capability in the following areas:

- Accepting responsibility and accountability for roles at home
- Becoming self-empowered and less co-dependent in interpersonal relationships
- Balancing work and marriage
- Changing from the inside out and becoming strong, internally driven marriage partners
- Transforming destructive, reactive behavior to life giving behavior

You can receive free of charge the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" book, The "8 Habits of a Successful Marriage" participant book and calendar

*Based on Stephen R. Covey's curriculum

Call Airman and Family Readiness Center at 301-981-7087 for more information.

The class is open to engaged and married couples. For more information, call Airman and Family Readiness Center at 301-981-7087.

Couples can use TRICARE if one of the members is non-Active Duty, or there is no space available in the Life Skills Support Center. The non-Active Duty person should call TRICARE at 1-877-874-2273. The caller can expect, at times, 15 to 20 minutes to get through to someone at this number. Please be patient. The caller should let the TRICARE representative know he/she would like an appointment for marital counseling. The couple can expect an appointment that should be within several weeks.

(Last updated February, 2010)