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American Red Cross

If you need to send or receive an emergency message or need emergency financial assistance, call the24 hour toll free number at:

American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES)

Provides support to:

Ensure members of the US Armed Forces and their families timely and reliable emergency communications and case management services, 24 hours a day, worldwide.
Provide members of the US Armed Forces and their families with timely, reliable access to emergency financial assistance through the Military Aid Societies. Contact with Red Cross on base is recommended during duty hours and 1-877-272-7337 after duty hours.
Criteria for emergency message assistance:

When any of the following situations occur to an immediate family member (parent, sibling, child) or grandparent of either the service member or spouse, you may need:

Emergency Communication Assistance:

Death of Family Member
Illness of Family Member
Impending Surgery
Birth of a baby
Financial Hardship

Emergency Financial Assistance:

Emergency Travel and Maintenance
To avoid privation
Burial and Funeral Expenses

All cases needing emergency financial assistance will be referred to the Air Force Aid Society on Andrews AFB. If the need is identified after-hours Red Cross, with approval from the Military Aid Society, will provide assistance in the form of E-Tickets for travel and Emergency Loans distributed via Western Union. The client will be required to meet with the Air Force Aid Officer upon termination of the emergency.

All family members who do not reside in the service member's household, regardless of where the service member is assigned should contact their local Red Cross chapter for assistance.

Please remember that the Air Force does not require a Red Cross emergency verification to send a service member on emergency leave. This is a military command level decision. However keep in mind that Red Cross cannot make reports after the fact. Red Cross reports are for the purpose of assisting the service member and the military authorities in making decisions, not to justify decisions already made.

Additional Services provided by the American Red Cross

Volunteer Opportunities
Disaster Assistance
Health and Safety Courses

Andrews AFB Red Cross Office Information:

Hours: 0800 to 1630 Hrs Monday through Friday
Phone Number: 240-857-6008 (On base: 7-6008)
Location: 1191 Menoher Drive (Family Support Center)

Humanitarian Reassignments

The American Red Cross is not permitted to initiate action on a request for discharge or transfer nor can they make any recommendation for or against discharge or transfer. They can only advise of the procedures to be followed, and can assist the family in composing their statements if necessary.