Maryland FlagThe Maryland Department of Education's website provides information on school requirements in the state. Maryland's school districts are established within the county where the school is located with the exception of Baltimore City, which has its own school district established. Among the information found on the website is enrollment information, school district boundaries and school report cards.

From the Maryland Department of Education website, visitors can select an individual county, which will direct them to the county's published information. There is a wealth of information available on each county's website, to include the telephone numbers needed to enroll children in the school. The "school locator" link allows visitors to enter an address of a potential residence and it will identify the current school boundaries for that house. However, a word of caution is advised that school boards may change the school boundaries with board approval. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the local board of education for their location to determine if there are any plans to redraw the school boundaries for the area they choose to live.

The Maryland Report Card is a valuable source for parents and guardians, which identifies each school in every county, and reports on the Average Yearly Progress made and many of the demographic categories. This may prove invaluable when selecting a school for children. The current website for this information is:

Popular Maryland School Districts:
Calvert County
Ranks 1st (of 24 districts)
Grades: PK-12
Elementary Schools: 13
Middle Schools: 6
High Schools: 5

Charles County
Ranks 18th (of 24 districts)
Grades: PK-12
Elementary Schools: 21
Middle Schools: 8
High Schools: 6
  Prince George's County: Joint Base Andrews is located within the boundaries of Prince George's County Public Schools. PGCPS is currently the 18th largest school district in the nation graduating more than 8,000 high school seniors in 2009. Their website is: The feeder schools for students living on Joint Base Andrews are Francis T. Evans Elementary School (grades K-5), Stephen Decatur Middle School (grades 6-8), and Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr., High School (grades 9-12).

-- Elementary schools in Prince George's County near Joint Base Andrews:

Frances T. Evans Elementary

Ranks 680th of 833 Maryland public elementary schools.
Public - Grades: PK-5
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 532
Fulltime teachers: 32.3
Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.5
Thomas Pullen School
Ranks 331st of 833 Maryland public elementary schools
Magnet - Grades: KG-8
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 746
Fulltime teachers: 57.0
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13.1

John Hanson French Immersion

Ranks 615th of 833 Maryland public elementary schools.
Public Magnet - Grades: KG-8
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 340
Fulltime teachers: 23.0
Student/Teacher Ratio: 14.8
Clinton Grove Elementary
Ranks 828th of 833 Maryland public elementary schools.
Public - Grades: PK-6
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 464
Fulltime teachers: 46.6
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10.0

James Ryder Randall Elementary

Ranks 737th of 833 Maryland public elementary schools.
Public - Grades: PK-6
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 471
Fulltime teachers: 46.1
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10.2
 Skyline Elementary
Ranks 598th of 833 Maryland public elementary schools
Public - Grades: PK-6
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 192
Fulltime teachers: 22.5
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8.5

-- Middle school and high school in Prince George's County near Joint Base Andrews: 

Stephen Decatur Middle School
ranks 257th of 315 Maryland public middle schools.
Public - Grades: 6-8
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 725
Fulltime teachers: 61.3
Student/Teacher Ratio: 11.8

Dr. Henry A. Wise, Junior High School
Ranks 187th of 225 Maryland public high schools.
Public - Grades: 9-12
Total Students (2008 - 2009): 2779
Fulltime teachers: 144.0
Student/Teacher Ratio: 19.3


Virginia FlagMuch like Maryland, the Virginia Department of Education's website contains links to a great deal of valuable information on school districts, graduation requirements, and the Average Yearly Progress being made in Virginia schools. The VDOE website is: Their school report card is located at:

Popular Virginia School Districts:
Fairfax County
Ranks 27th (of 130 districts)
Grades: PK-12
Elementary Schools: 138
Middle Schools: 23
High Schools: 30
Prince William County
Ranks 45th (of 130 districts)
Grades: PK-12
Elementary Schools: 58
Middle Schools: 15
High Schools: 10

Schools near the Pentagon:
Oakridge Elementary School
Henry Elementary School
Gunston Middle School
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Wakefield High School


D.C. FlagThe public school system for Washington, D.C. is independent of Maryland and Virginia. Although many of the academic standards are the same as all three, jurisdictions strive to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind. The District of Columbia Public Schools website is located at:

Schools Around Join Base Anacostia-Bolling: 
Simon Elementary School: 202-645-3360
Leckie Elementary School: 202-645-3330
Hart Middle School: 202-645-3420
Johnson Junior High: 202-698-1017
Ballou Senior High School: 202-645-3400
Potomac High School: 301-702-3900


There are several choices for private school opportunities within the Joint Base Andrews area. The following is not to be considered an all-inclusive listing as new schools start and existing schools may cease operation, nor does the Department of Defense, Air Force or other military branches, or Joint Base Andrews endorse any of the below private schools or associations. The World Wide Web is an invaluable source when seeking information on private (or public) schools.

Maryland Department of Education Listing of Non-public Schools. This is the official listing of non-public schools that hold a Certificate of Approval from the Maryland State Board of Education in accordance with Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article, §2-206. Non-public educational programs are approved in the following non-public settings: kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, and a variety of facilities that hold a license from another state agency. Their website is:

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is a membership organization with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. NAIS represents approximately 1,300 independent schools and associations in the United States, and affiliates with independent schools abroad as well. For information on member schools in the Joint Base Andrews commuting area visit their website at:

Handbook of Private Schools by Porter Sargent, Inc (2008). The Handbook of Private Schools is the "bible" of independent education, with objective and rigorously edited listings of 1700 boarding and day schools across America. The Handbook offers objective, detailed listings of the top private elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Tuition, endowment, curriculum, faculty and college placement records are among the many topics that parents, educators, librarians and consultants will need in helping place the right child in the right school. Most local libraries have a copy of the Handbook in their reference section. Following is the website link for the handbook:

National Parochial Schools Association. There are numerous parochial schools within the Joint Base Andrews commuting area. The NPSA information can be located at: From this site you can select the state you wish to search.


The Andrews Homeschool Educators (AHE) is a group of parents assigned to Joint Base Andrews who choose to homeschool their children. The collaboration of parents' skills and knowledge provides for a healthy educational opportunity. For more information on the AHE contact the School Liaison Officer at 301-981-0057.


The Joint Base Andrews leadership has partnered with the company operating the housing privatization efforts on base to construct a school. Many details are yet to be determined, to include the grade levels served and the opening date of the school. Click here for more information on the Charter School at Andrews.

Imagine Andrews Public Charter School (Imagine Andrews) will open its doors on Joint Base Andrews to provide educational opportunities for military and community students. Currently, the targeted plans are for the school to offer grades Pre-K-5 and open for the 2011-12 school year.

Visit Imagine Andrews website here:

Joint Base Andrews School Liaison Officer:
The School Liaison Officer (SLO) serves as the installation commander's representative at local and state school board meetings, and is available to assist personnel assigned to Andrews in any Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 educational matter, to include Individualized Educational Program meetings. The SLO will provide one-on-one assistance or speak to large groups about education matters. In addition to assisting with school needs for military children, the SLO coordinates efforts for the Partners-in-Education program which provides volunteer efforts for the area schools, plans the Schools' Day for the Joint Services Open House each May, and coordinates for judges and speakers for school science fairs and career days.

The SLO can be reached at 301-981-0057 (DSN: 858-0057) or through e-mail at: