Address: 4700 Yuma Road (89 SVS/SVYY), Andrews AFB, Maryland 20762
Phone Numbers: 301-981-KIDZ (5430), 301-981-TEEN (8336), 301-981-5636
Fax Number: 301-981-3351.

The Youth Program offers a well-rounded, wide range of activities in sports, instructional classes, and social programs. The facility boasts a full size gymnasium, 5 classrooms, a computer lab, dance studio, theater, 2 game rooms and a teen lounge.

The center offers a membership for youth/teens 6 yrs - 18 yrs who are eligible to use the programs. The School of the Arts program offers dance, martial arts, gymnastics & piano. The sports program offers basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, track, cheerleading, and flag football. There are also rooms for rent for small parties or gatherings for children.

Our programs maintain an atmosphere that encourages flexibility and allows for freedom of choice within appropriate guidelines. We strive to reinforce family values and emphasize the uniqueness of each child by promoting positive attitudes and validating self-worth.

Youth Programs are divided into 3 categories:

· Youth Activities: Self-directed recreation, team and individual sports and fitness, expressive art, social and special events, trips and excursions, cultural activities, special interest activities, outdoor activities and community service opportunities

· Youth Support: Youth employment services, homework/tutoring assistance, peer support and counseling, life skills development, leadership development, education on health and other special issues, referrals to other agencies, special olympics and other special needs programs, youth/parent activities, youth transition and relocation assistance

· School Age Programs: Before and after school care, school holiday camps and special interest camps, full day summer camps, referral/coordination to family child care homes serving school age children.

Here are examples of some of the available programs:

We utilize trained, certified and professional staff. Our new and improved gymnastics, dance programs for all ages will be conducted using a Progressive Star Chart Program in which your child will receive stars for every skill they learn and accomplish in class. This way the instructor and (the)parent are able to see a (your) child's progress. Discounts are offered for multiple classes of dance or gymnastics. Smaller class sizes, classes for 18 months to adult, morning and evening classes, and class performances are all features of our program. Our goals are to inspire and motivate children towards the enjoyment and appreciation of gymnastics and dance.

Andrews Youth Sports Mission Statement
Andrews Youth Sports is dedicated to providing first rate, wholesome and safe youth programs to the Andrews Air Force Base and Summerfield communities. Our programs will promote and enhance the overall physical, social and emotional well being of its participants through a trained and educated staff in a fun, positive and healthy environment.

Andrews Youth Sports Philosophy
The Andrews Youth Sports philosophy is simple and 3-fold: Participants should have fun, learn something about the sport, and form lasting friendships with teammates and coaches alike.

The youth sports philosophy is achieved through three key components: The coaches, the parents, and the players. The coaches are directly responsible for instilling values, good sportsmanship, developing and refining sports skills and transferring their knowledge of the game to the players. The parents play a role both on and off the field. On the field, they support and entrust the coaches with their children, offer a strong foundation of communication throughout the team and provide nutritious snacks and drinks. Off the field, parents continue their support by developing their children's skills and love of the game. The players are challenged to keep their focus on good sportsmanship, fair play, camaraderie, and to continue to develop and refine their sports skills.

The Andrews Youth Sports Program is built upon Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-249 and Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 34-804. 100% compliance with the regulations outlined in each of these publications is mandatory.

Year At A Glance

Andrews Youth Sports offers programs to children ages 5 to 18. The programs are recreational in nature, place the emphasis on participation, and are based upon the National Standards for Youth Sports. The standards are designed to create a youth sports environment that is a fun and memorable experience for all. The core sports offered by Andrews are basketball, spring soccer, tee ball, coach pitch, baseball, softball, fall soccer, flag football, and cheerleading for flag football and basketball. There are two leagues within the sports program: the base league program and the Prince George County League (PGCL) program. Base league teams are set up in two-year age groups and are coed through age 12. The County League officially begins at age 13 and is no longer coed.

Annual Sports Schedule

Registration ~ November
Practices ~ December
Games ~ January & February

Spring Soccer
Registration ~ January/February
Practices ~ February/March
Games ~ March/April


Registration ~ February/March
Practices ~ March/April
Games ~ May & June

Fall Sports (Soccer, Flag Football, & Cheerleading)
Registration ~ July/August
Practices ~ August/September
Games ~ September/October

Operation Night Hoops
Registration ~ October
Practices ~ November/December
Games ~ December

Operation Night Hoops (ONH) is a program designed exclusively for teens. ONH combines the sport of basketball with educational sessions and workshops. Educational sessions include topics ranging from "Why do kids use alcohol, tobacco or drugs, anyway?" to "Smart athletes don't smoke" and "Marijuana - A big mistake!" The program runs on Friday and Saturday nights. The teens play an integral part in developing the program by determining player drafts, playing rules, uniform design, and presentation of educational materials. Workshops will be conducted by local base agencies, such as Security Forces, the Health & Wellness Center, Family
Registration Process for Sports Programs:

The following items are required in order to register:

A current physical exam (within the last year) - The exam must approve the participant for participation in a youth sports activity.
A birth certificate or equivalent, i.e., I.D. card, baptismal certificate, passport, etc.
Payment of Sports Registration Fee
*New County players must provide a recent photo and complete the Prince George County Boys & Girls Club (PGCBGC) yellow ID card and white membership card at the time of registration.

Registration Priority Listing
Please refer to AFI 34-262 Table A2.1 to determine program priority listing.

Youth Employment Skills (YES) Program

Teens may volunteer at the Youth Center to complete their mandatory community service hours. Teens of active duty Air Force assigned to Andrews or the Pentagon may enroll in the YES Program. Yes is a program that is funded by the Air Force Aid Society and implemented by the Youth Center. It enables teens to volunteer on base, while earning 4 credit dollars per volunteer hour towards a $1000 scholarship. The Youth Center also earns money from the Air Force Aid Society for each volunteer in the program that goes to benefit each center's programs.

Volunteering can be both fun and rewarding. Please contact Youth Programs, 301-981- TEEN (8336) if you have any questions or are interested in joining our volunteer team.

Youth Volunteer Program
Youth Programs has one of the largest volunteer programs on base. Our entire sports program is made of volunteer coaches, team managers, commissioners and officials, so volunteers are always needed. Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. For volunteers 12-18 years, there is a 4-hour limit placed on his/her volunteer work per day during school hours. Facility volunteers must sign in and out each day, wear a badge and must speak with their supervisor prior to coming in to work so that they are familiar with the job they will be doing and so they know what rules and regulations to follow. All volunteers must complete an application and adults must also complete background check paperwork. All regular volunteers must have satisfactory background checks.