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Teamwork in a Crisis April 11, 2017 — Last week, we faced a major challenge in response to the F-16 incident. While I walked away from the week drained, I also walked away from the week feeling encouraged and proud because of the display of teamwork between Joint Base Andrews, the community, and local authorities. On the day of the incident, both the 11th Wing and the 113th Wing MORE

In obedience to its call February 17, 2017 — There are many callings in this life, but none so precious as the honor of leading and serving others, whether it is in our Air Force, in our communities, or in our families.  There are many facets of leadership through service, but one core trait stands out as pivotal – humility.  In this month of President’s Day and in a year of an inauguration, MORE

Seven steps to '17 February 2, 2017 — Team JBA, first and foremost, thanks to everyone for what you do every day to push the various “no-fail” missions around this awesome installation!  It strikes me that even being a few weeks into the new year, I’m still stumbling across various lists of things we should all try to do to improve our lives in 2017.  I figured it might be nice to MORE

"IPs" for the 21st century Air Force December 5, 2016 — "IPs", or instructor pilots as they are referred to outside the U.S. Air Force flying world, are the most important mentors pilot-candidates will interact with during their quest to earn "silver wings." Only those pilots who have demonstrated an unequivocal mastery of flight are selected to return or stay on at the school house to shepherd future MORE

Communication is key November 8, 2016 — Effective communication is probably one of the most important life skills we need, especially in professional relationships. MORE

Celebrating diversity in our Air Force October 27, 2016 — Many of us trace our ancestry and heritage to countries outside the United States and the “melting pot” history of our nation is well-publicized.  Often, we forget how the country we know and love today is a direct result of the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures during the past 240 years of our nation’s existence.  MORE

He DESTROYED that commentary! October 13, 2016 — If you are like me, your social media stream is littered with articles that use words like “destroyed,” “obliterated,” etc., always in capital letters, to entice you to click on that link.  This technique is used across the political spectrum, usually by authors who have little to no new or compelling information to offer in their article.  I would MORE

Courtesies to the Flag October 4, 2016 — Everyone who works, visits and lives on Joint Base Andrews has the opportunity to pay respects to the American flag twice a day as it is raised and lowered. Regulations and courtesy to the flag are topics for continuing education. "All who are on Joint Base Andrews are expected to properly honor our nation and our flag during reveille, retreat, and MORE

Taking Care of People September 23, 2016 — Throughout my military career, I have had the honor of meeting several military members' extended family. Many times, these family members would arrive at base due to hospitalizations or other hardships. One thing that continues to catch me by surprise is how shocked the families are at the level of care within our units.  The non-military family MORE

Avoiding tsunamis of malfeasance August 31, 2016 — In a September 2015 New Republic article, ethicist Edward Queen rails against Volkswagen for its recent “unmistakable malfeasance.” He describes their actions in the following way: “This was an intentionally designed and executed violation of the law in both its letter and its spirit. It also was an ethical violation of the highest level.” MORE

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