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From the Top - Resiliency...What I Learned from Elasti-Girl May 18, 2011 — I loved the movie "The Incredibles." It was a classic good-versus-evil, values-based film. I particularly liked the character Elasti-Girl. A super flexible and dedicated spouse, Elasti-Girl is also a mother of three feisty children. She could change the size and shape of her body at will, save her husband and children from evil, fly a jet, and get MORE

Chief's Corner - "La Forza del Destino" ( The force of destiny) May 12, 2011 — In life, we all have a destiny and each of us are directly responsible for charting our own course and determining our own fate. By our actions, we either float or sink, more fittingly, fly or crash. Fortunately, throughout my entire Air Force career, I have found more often than not, that my destiny has been to soar through the support of team MORE

From the Top - National Police Week, Remembering the Sacrifice! May 9, 2011 — Each year during Police Week, communities across the United States hold a memorial service in remembrance of police officers who have made the supreme sacrifice for their communities. Also during this week, police departments hold open houses, conduct tours of their facilities, and hold community activities to celebrate police officers and their MORE

Chief's Corner - Why Support a Professional Organization? May 9, 2011 — We have all been solicited by one professional organization or another at some point in our career. In fact, many of you have been encouraged to join a professional organization after hearing the sales pitch from the "Billy Mays" of that particular organization. There are some of you who have been tempted to join but have not followed through and MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - week of May 6 - May 13 May 5, 2011 — In accordance with AFI 36-3014, enlisted personnel are authorized to receive a supplementary clothing allowance to purchase maternity uniforms. This allowance can only be authorized once every three years if the need exists. There is no set time frame when pregnant members are authorized to wear these items, but members should be comfortable and MORE

Don't lose the 'blue' April 28, 2011 — I found myself in among a mix of 15 or so volunteer junior enlisted members of Joint Base Andrews recently at an Airmen's Professional Development Course. Regardless of how they got there, every single Airman in the room was challenged that day when the 11th Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Brinkley came to brief us. "You know what I want MORE

This is not a Dry Run April 28, 2011 — As we maintain an unrivaled defense of America ... it dawned on me that we aren't given second chances to get our mission done right. As American military servicemembers, we have one chance at life and what life holds for us. So, my challenge to you, as well as for myself, is to not function as though our life is a dry run.Those around the world MORE

From the Top - Who ya wit'? April 26, 2011 — If you are a member of the 11th Wing you know the response to this question is "Chief's Own". This answer is concise and to the point, but not always understood. When the late Bernie Mac asked "Who ya wit'?" he was asking if you knew the company you were keeping. In that case it was understood you were with the Bernie Mac crew ... and Bernie MORE

Your Attitude Is Contagious- "Chief's Corner" April 19, 2011 — If your attitude is contagious, then what are people catching when they come into contact with you? Our outlook and approach to how we come across each day is totally within our control. So this week I want each of us to focus on what type of attitude we project each day.We all need to be mindful about how the attitudes of others can affect us. MORE

From the Top - Leading Transformation During Times of Change April 18, 2011 — Abraham Lincoln once said, "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time." As a squadron commander, those words ring true. From joint base initiation, to mission movement execution, to compliance inspection preparation, to budget limitations, MORE

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