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Can You Hear Me Now March 9, 2011 — I believe that many of our challenges and opportunities are tied to one important component, and that is our ability to effectively communicate. I attempt to go to a different part of the base every day to better understand how our leadership can better support our people and their families. Yet, it amazes me how many things come to my attention MORE

Are we really that different? March 1, 2011 — As I was leaving my office and the national anthem began to play, while saluting the U.S. flag I began to reflect. We are all a part of a great nation built on working everyday to become a more perfect union. Yet, I do believe it's important to understand the unique backgrounds each of us bring with them. So I'm also a fan of learning opportunities MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - week of Mar. 4 - 11 March 1, 2011 — In our Air Force we have a significant number of uniforms and uniform combinations that we can wear based on the occasion, ceremony, day of the week or our duty location. In all instances, I think you would be hard-pressed to find an Airman, NCO, SNCO or Officer who does not know the required, and correct, way to wear whatever is the uniform of MORE

An Ounce of Prevention February 24, 2011 — Many of us have heard the statement "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Lately, I have really been reflecting on how much work, pain, frustration and aggravation we endure when we don't apply this adage. An ounce of prevention when going out drinking, such as having a good plan to execute, can save damage to one's life and MORE

Always look to improve February 23, 2011 — February is the middle of winter here in the Nation's Capital, normally marked with cold and cloudy days. The Midshipmen at the Naval Academy in Annapolis call February and March the "Dark Ages" as they look forward to Spring break. My theme for this month is "sustaining excellence". The performance of NAF/NOSC Washington over the last few MORE

Taxes - a different perspective February 23, 2011 — Much like a Saturday morning dentist appointment, filing taxes was something I dreaded every year. State and federal taxes aren't due until April 15, so I thought, "What's the rush in filing?" But, also like a dentist visit, I knew I was putting off the inevitable. Joint Base Andrews offers a free state and federal tax-filing service, one that's MORE

Chief's Corner - Average, the top of the bottom February 16, 2011 — What is right beneath average? The answer to the question is below average, hence the title of this week's article. Being average is not about a result, but about a mindset that leads to the result. This week I want to explore how you engage each activity associated with your life.I believe that you get out of life, your career, and personal MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - Week of Feb. 11 - 18 February 15, 2011 — Usually, it is best not to open your mouth unless you know what you are talking about. I say that because, I recall a few years back, I went into a military facility and saw an Airman in uniform wearing the Cardigan Sweater. He had the sweater unbuttoned and it was just flapping as he sashayed from room to room. I pulled the Airman aside and MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - Week of Feb. 4 - 11 February 9, 2011 — Whether you are an Air Force parent of six children or a single Airman living in the dorm, I'm sure you have certain rules for residents and guests. Wipe your feet before you come in my home. Take off your shoes before you step on my dorm rug. Call and let me know before you just drop in. Rules, rules, rules! Are rules only there to cause a MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - Week of Jan. 31 - Feb. 4 February 2, 2011 — According to a March 2006 Associated Press (AP) article "75 percent of young adults between the ages of 17-24 are ineligible for military service. Some 30 percent of adults are considered obese and one-third of American teenagers are believed to be incapable of passing the treadmill test." The number of obese adults has more than doubled over the MORE

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