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"Diamond Compliance Corner" January 26, 2011 — The temperatures were in the mid-twenties as I drove up to the base gas station. I had no desire to refill in those temperatures, but the 36 gallon tank on the new F-150 was on "E" and I figured it would be good practice for my upcoming Alaskan assignment. As I stood there shivering pumping my gas, I noticed a young non commissioned officer was MORE

"Diamond Compliance Corner" January 19, 2011 — In early June, the 11th Wing will undergo a comprehensive Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI). At that time, experts from many different functional areas will arrive here at Joint Base Andrews to evaluate our processes and procedures to verify our compliance with established laws, directives and instructions. Like you, I have begun to pour over my MORE

The Final Flight of Master Sgt. Lamar Robinson November 8, 2010 — On Aug. 22 2010, I learned that Master Sgt. Lamar Robinson, an active duty Air Force security forces member, was killed in a motorcycle accident in the Washington, D.C., area. Sergeant Robinson served on active duty for 17 years. He loved his job, family and life itself. As a Defender stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., he had the MORE

OPSEC is alive and well at Andrews November 3, 2010 — When the average person prepares for the next work day, their normal thoughts naturally drift to what that day might hold for them. On the crisp morning of Halloween Eve, I arrived at the 11th Wing Public Affairs Office for my photo assignment, for possible inclusion in the base newspaper at Andrews Air Force Base. After discussing the shoot with MORE

Tax Center: Calling all volunteers November 3, 2010 — It may not seem possible, but the 2010 tax filing season is almost here. With the flurry of activities associated with the holiday season we often forget about taxes and how we will manage to get them filed correctly.The Tax Center, located at 1535 Command Dr. Joint Base Andrews, Md., is where to go to get the much needed help filing your taxes. MORE

Thanksgiving, An "Attitude of Gratitude" November 2, 2010 — Shortly, we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays across the nation. I'd like to share with you a few thoughts about having a proper attitude. I'd like to start with this short story. There is a fable told about a far-off land which was ruled by a tyrant. The tyrant had an ironclad grip over all parts of his kingdom, except for one MORE

How Andrews fits into the social media scheme of things October 21, 2010 — New media is a powerful communication tool that has revolutionized the way people across the globe interact with one another. It is no wonder then, that the U.S. military has recognized its vast potential for connecting and communicating with servicemembers, their families, retirees and the general public. In light of this revolution, Andrews Air MORE

Lead from Behind October 1, 2010 — As summer slips away and you start packing away the beach gear, it's a great time to take a good hard look at your organization. While spring may be the best time for cleaning, the fall is a perfect time to focus on organizational preparedness. I'd like to share a couple of thoughts on how to approach improving a unit's ability to consistently MORE

Seven reasons why I appreciate being Air Force Blue September 16, 2010 — This year it seems all my peers are retiring. They keep telling me how great it is to finally "punch out." It has me reflecting on my journey in the Air Force and I've got to say, I love being an Airman. I can give you at least seven reasons why I appreciate being Air Force Blue. 7. Family. I can't imagine any other career in the world that MORE

Keep the Dinner Hour Sacred September 10, 2010 — I just attended my daughter's college freshman orientation for parents and students. As we finished our last day and I was bidding my daughter farewell, it dawned on me that I have only known her for eighteen years. At first blush, that would seem to be a long time, but if you really think about it, it is really just a short timeframe when you MORE

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