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NEWS | March 1, 2011

"Diamond Compliance Corner" - week of Mar. 4 - 11

By Senior Master Sgt. John J. Flynn Jr. First Sergeant, 11th Civil Engineer Squadron

In our Air Force we have a significant number of uniforms and uniform combinations that we can wear based on the occasion, ceremony, day of the week or our duty location. In all instances, I think you would be hard-pressed to find an Airman, NCO, SNCO or Officer who does not know the required, and correct, way to wear whatever is the uniform of their day. They would also not hesitate to correct a teammate, coworker or any other Airman not in compliance. Then why is wearing the Physical Training Uniform (PTU) or Improved Physical Training Uniform (IPTU) correctly, so difficult? Whether it is the t-shirt not tucked, zippers on the pants or jacket unzipped, black, grey or some other funky-colored sock, florescent yellow or patton-leather athletic shoes, individuals not meeting the grooming standards, hats on indoors ... the list goes on. Wearing this uniform correctly is not that hard, and whether it is or is not worn correctly says a lot about the individual wearing it. I would like to provide a list of requirements while wearing this uniform. It is not all inclusive. You can refer to AFI 36-2903 as well as the AFPC Website, accessible through the AF Portal, to get the rest of the wear requirements.

COMMANDERS: determine the required PTU/IPTU configuration during organized PT.
FOOTWEAR: Conservative (plain, no bright/loud colors or excessive ornamentation) athletic shoes will be worn.
SOCKS: Will be white and may have small trademark logos.
PTU/IPTU JACKET: Will be zipped at least halfway between the waistband and the collar. Sleeves will end within one inch of the wrist.
PTU/IPTU RUNNING PANTS: Waistband will rest at or within two inches of the natural waistline. Both pant legs will extend below the ankle and will be zipped to within one inch of the bottom.
PTU/IPTU RUNNING SHORTS: Waistband will rest within two inches of the natural waistline.
SHORT-SLEEVED PTU/IPTU SHIRT: Will be tucked into shorts or running pants at all times. Do not remove sleeves.
OPTIONAL LONG-SLEEVED IPTU SHIRT: Will be tucked into PTU/IPTU shorts or running pants at all times. Do not push up sleeves, remove, or cut sleeves.
APPROPRIATE UNDERGARMENTS: Required to be worn with all PTU/IPTU combinations.
SPANDEX: Both short and full length solid black or dark blue spandex may be worn and visible under the PTU/IPTU shorts.
COLD WEATHER ACCESSORIES: May be worn outdoors only:
KNIT WATCH CAP: Will be plain solid black, dark blue or sage green without logos.
GLOVES: Will be plain solid black or dark blue without logos.
DO NOT: Mix/match the current PTU running suit jacket and running suit pants with the IPTU jacket and pants. All other combinations authorized.
PERSONAL GROOMING STANDARDS: All apply while participating in physical fitness activities (refer to AFI 36-2903 Table 1.5) with one exception: Long female hair will be secured but may have loose ends; Body art (tattoos) and jewelry standards apply (refer to AFI 36-2903 Table 2.5).

As you can see, these requirements are not that difficult, so make sure you are in compliance. Should you see a teammate that may not be, in a professional and respectful manner, inform them of their discrepancy so that together we cannot not only meet the standards - but exceed them.