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Default Air Force Logo The most important training you will ever receive
Training is a topic that brings out mixed emotions for many. We all understand the importance of training as we fight and the desire to stay on the cutting edge. However, the list of annual training requirements is robust for most jobs. As a commander, I would be the first to admit that all training is not created equal. Some is clearly more
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Default Air Force Logo Taking care of our dorm residents
One of the most exciting and anticipated expectations in a young Airman's career is living in the dormitories. It's this first encounter outside of basic training and technical school where Airmen get to truly have their own room and privacy! With our current economy, especially with gas prices as high as they are, living in the dorm is the best
0 9/12
Default Air Force Logo Unforgettable mentoring
I spent some time as an instructor pilot at Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus AFB, Miss. For those of you who have never spent time in northern Mississippi, there are many days where the low ceilings and heavy rain makes you wonder why the Air Force would ever put a pilot training base in that region. It was during one of these days when one
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Default Air Force Logo Fit to Fight
The Air Force "Fit to Fight" program focuses on physical fitness to increase our preparedness to deploy and fight. I have adapted my personal view of "Fit to Fight" to include not only physical fitness, but also mental, emotional and spiritual fitness.Physical fitness includes a regular exercise program of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and
0 8/07
Default Air Force Logo Commander says farewell and thanks
Today marks my final day as the 316th Wing Commander and installation commander for Andrews Air Force Base. It will be several days of reflection as I drive west to Randolph Air Force Base but I am already filled with pride and thanks for what the 316th Wing and Team Andrews has accomplished these past 25 months. Andrews has always made its mark in
0 7/31
Default Air Force Logo Airmen preparedness key in GWOT
This month I took command of AFOSI 7th Field Investigations Squadron located on Andrews Air Force Base. The 7 FIS is responsible for providing criminal, fraud, and counterintelligence investigative and operational capabilities to support wings and Airmen at Andrews and Bolling Air Force Bases, the Pentagon, and Fort Meade. While we conduct our
0 7/24
Default Air Force Logo Air Force Smart Operations, A Journey of Excellence
Having served in our wonderful Air Force for quite a while, I realize "smart operations" are not new buzzwords, but a system that can transform an entire enterprise. It is about intelligent changes in how we think and operate in times of rapid transformation, resulting in an environment where Airmen aspire to improve daily operations by eliminating
0 7/16
Default Air Force Logo 'Disipline is the soul of an Army'
Then-Colonel George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of Virginia Forces, said "Discipline is the soul of an Army." This piece of wisdom is as true today as it was in 1757. In order to establish discipline, commanders and leaders must cultivate an environment of respect so that their subordinates have confidence in them. The guidance for enforcement
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Default Air Force Logo Transforming Andrews’ Landscape
It seems everywhere you look on Andrews lately, something is under construction, major renovation, or extensive repair. In concert with several other agencies on base, on May 28, we provided the installation's combined leadership a comprehensive update on the major facility and infrastructure projects going on around the base. While the prospect of
0 7/03
Default Air Force Logo What bonds us?
I am constantly amazed at the character of our military people who secure our nation's liberties. As an Individual Mobility Augmentee, people often ask "When are you going back to your civilian job?" and the first thing I ask myself is why would I want to leave a job where I can be around great Americans? What is it about our military personnel and
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